Commercial Door Closer Service

An attractive, easily accessible entryway presents a welcoming first impression for your business. When your door opens with ease and closes gently, it sets the tone for a pleasant experience. At Glass Doctor® of Bullhead City, AZ, we understand that maintaining your entryway is critical to your business. We do our part by offering professional door closer care services and a broad spectrum of commercial products and services to keep your entryway looking good and functioning efficiently.

How Manual Door Closers Work

A properly installed and maintained door closer makes it possible for any guest to open your heaviest door easily. Your customer feels an initial resistance as they push the door, then it glides open with minimal effort. A closer spring gently eases the door back into place. The simple act of entering your business can be problematic when an improperly installed or poorly maintained door closer causes door hesitation, jumping, or unpredictable movements.

Door Closer Repair and Incorrect Door Closer

When you have problems with your entryway door, our door closer services professionals determine if your existing closer is capable of managing the workload. Your closer may be installed correctly, but if it isn’t strong enough to handle your door’s weight, it could be the cause of your problems. Over time, an incorrect door closer causes door and frame damage, door misalignment, and safety issues for customers and employees.

Improperly Installed and Adjusted Door Closers

Proper installation is crucial to manual door closer performance and safety. When we perform installations or adjustments, we choose the right closer for your door and use specialized tools. We do the work professionally to prevent potential problems:

  • Damage to door frame
  • Unanticipated door movements
  • Misalignment of door and frame

Malfunctioning door closer Seal Repairs and Low Oil Levels

Our door closer service professionals recognize that problems often encountered are due to ordinary wear and tear. As closers age, they show signs of deterioration. Seals and O-rings wear out, and screws loosen. Worn closers experience lubricant leaks, gaps, and minor problems, which lead to erratic door movements. Detecting and repairing these problems early on prevents malfunctions that cause safety hazards.

Door is Difficult to Lock

When your door lock doesn’t work properly, it leaves your business premises vulnerable to unlawful entry and safety and security hazards. Forcing your lock into place each day may be a temporary solution, but it worsens the problem. The effort eventually damages your door, door frame, hinges, or lock plate. Professional repair or replacement is the smart solution for your door locking difficulties.

Door Closer Maintenance Services

When your door closer is under warranty, you may jeopardize that warranty if an untrained service person performs repairs or maintenance. Our highly-trained experts provide professional door closer repair services that comply with your warranty. We also install and maintain doors, hinges, windows, glass, and locks. We offer the commercial products and services to upgrade your storefront and keep it functional and attractive.

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