Home Window Tinting

Windows are a a key component of your home's energy performance and comfort. Whether you have traditional panes or high-efficiency window units, home window tinting options from Glass Doctor® of Atlanta provide an added layer of function and give your home a personal touch. Schedule an in-home consultation with a glass specialist to learn more about the options available.

Benefits of Home Window Tinting

  • Flexibility: Glass Doctor of Atlanta carries window tints in a variety of shades, patterns, textures and decorative features. You may add a tint to new and existing windows, as well as other glass surfaces in your home, such as counter tops or shower doors. Moreover, the tints are simple to remove if you want a new look in the future.
  • Enhanced privacy: Use darker tints on windows and glass doors that face the street to give your home extra privacy during the day.
  • Save energy: Home window tinting keeps your Atlanta-area home cooler during the hot, muggy summers and warmer in the winters without burdening your HVAC system.
  • Reduce sun-related fading: Natural light is wonderful, but may fade or discolor your belongings. Window tints filter up to 90 percent of damaging UV rays and allow harmless natural light to shine into your home.

Security Film

Glass Doctor of Atlanta's security film is similar to home window tinting, but gives glass an extra layer of protection. The film comes in a variety of shades and is tear- and impact-resistant, making glass less likely to break into dangerous shards.

Controlling Sunlight with Home Window Tinting

Use window tints to control the amount of visible light that enters a room. The visible light transmission levels in the tints from Glass Doctor of Atlanta range between five and 70 percent. Darker tints are great for south-facing windows, as well as reducing glares on television and computer screens. Complement home window tints with solar shades to gain an added level of privacy without significantly reducing the amount of light that enters a room.

Enhance Home Decor Using Window Tint

The variety of window tint shades, patterns and textures available through Glass Doctor of Atlanta will add to your home's exterior and interior aesthetics. Use window tinting as an effective and affordable way to give your home an instant upgrade and custom touches.

Protect your home and improve its energy performance with home window tinting from Glass Doctor of Atlanta. Call today to schedule an in-home consultation.