Custom Mirrors

A custom mirror from Glass Doctor® of Atlanta is a fun and affordable way to showcase your personality and enhance the interior of your home. The right custom mirror will awe your visitors, while adding a touch of style to any living space.

Our specialists have decades of combined experience crafting one-of-a-kind custom glass designs for our clients. We work with you to build a custom mirror or glass piece that complements your existing decor and gives you the interior you've always wanted. Our team of experts is adept at bringing your vision to life, we will cut almost any design you can imagine.

Natural Illumination

A custom mirror, strategically situated in your living room or hallway, adds depth and light to the space. Natural light streaming in from the windows becomes magnified and reflected off of the mirror's surface, illuminating the room. Natural light is comfortable and inviting, while offering significant benefits to your mental health and mood. Through the use of framing or tiling, we are able to accent the existing shape of your home to bring out its natural character.

Use custom mirror to reflect natural light into otherwise dark interior spaces. Mounting a mirror opposite a window will spread the light back into the interior of your home, increasing your exposure to natural light. In cases where you need an artificial light source, your mirror will amplify the light source, which can reduce energy consumption in dark rooms.

Spatial Illusion

Mirrors are also ideal for adding a sense of space to a part of your house. Short hallways appear long and wide when you install a custom mirror at one end. Your kitchen won't feel so cramped while you make a meal when light reflects off of a custom made mirrored backsplash. Even larger spaces, like your living room, benefit from carefully designed and placed custom mirrors.

A Brilliant Showcase

Whether you invested thousands of dollars on a painting for your wall, or you want to show off your bowling trophies, a custom glass showcase is your best solution. Our specialists design and cut glass decor which accentuates your home furnishings, making them really stand out. Try mirrored shelves, which are a clean and sophisticated way to house your favorite trophies or collectibles. The brilliant backdrop off of the glass enhances the colors of your belongings, and provides a full view of the front and back of the items on the shelf.

Look Your Best


Sometimes all you really want is a functional mirror where you can check your appearance before you leave your home. Our team will design a custom, floor-to-ceiling mirror that fits into your home decor philosophy, and helps you look your best.

Contact Glass Doctor of Atlanta to schedule a consultation and to learn more about how our custom glass pieces bring out the true depth and beauty of your home.