Storefront Doors

Give your business the best chance at a good first impression by ensuring your storefront glass care is professionally managed. Your storefront glass doors and windows are likely the first encounter that customers will have with your business, so you do not want that first impression to be marred by damaged or misaligned doors. Our team of specialists at Glass Doctor® of West Orange have the perfect skill set, experience and resources to take care of all of your storefront glass care needs.

Emergency Storefront Glass Care Services

If you experience breakage in the middle of the night or a storm shatters your storefront door or window glass, call our service professionals. We know that damage can occur at any time and often happens at the most inconvenient time for you. That is why we offer 24/7 emergency maintenance services to our clients. When you call, we will come to the area, board up the damaged site and clean up the broken glass so that you, your customers, and your employees are safe. We will then schedule a return to replace the broken glass at a time that fits your busy schedule. We offer several programs to provide even faster storefront glass care service, such as the ability to pre-establish your credit and contact information and the ability to keep extra glass on hand for you if you experience frequent breakage.

Storefront Door Options

In addition to the storefront glass maintenance services, our team of glass experts provides consultations on storefront glass options. We offer advice on how to make the storefront glass you choose safer, while still marketing your business:

  • Bulletproof and fire-resistant glass to keep your business safe at all times
  • Hurricane-impact safety glass in areas susceptible to weather-related damage
  • Tempered safety glass to make any breakage safer
  • Decorative options to fit the unique needs of your business
  • Customized glass that shares the name, logo, trademark and other desired information about your business

Security Film

Our team of glass specialists will apply security film to the existing storefront windows and doors or your newly-purchased windows and doors. This security film creates a barrier with the outside, protecting your business from criminals and the elements while still allowing sunlight to filter inside.

Protect your business at all times and improve the appearance of your shop by investing in new storefront glass today. Schedule an appointment with one of our elite glass experts at Glass Doctor of West Orange to learn more about how we can best serve you.