Shower Door and Bathtub Surround Options & Accessories

If you are looking to renovate your bathroom, then the installation of a brand new glass shower enclosure should be your first project. A beautiful shower enclosure not only provides your bathroom with a light and airy look but also boosts your home’s resale value by hundreds of dollars.

Glass Doctor® of West Orange offers everything you need when it comes to glass shower enclosures, including a wide range of spectacular designs at affordable prices. Our friendly service professionals are expertly trained to provide the highest quality installation, support, and maintenance for shower enclosures. All it takes is one in-home visit, and Glass Doctor of West Orange will get the development process started immediately.

What does Glass Doctor of West Orange offer?

Glass Doctor of West Orange presents gorgeous glass shower enclosure designs for the West Orange area, using products from best possible manufacturers.

Along with a shower door gallery, Glass Doctor of West Orange also offers preservation services, such as Hydrophobic Coating Glass Protectant treatment, which significantly improves the appearance of your bathroom. Checkout different glass options in shower door accessories that will do wonders for creating the illusion of space and channeling light. Our glass specialists also offer bathroom remodeling ideas as well as installation and maintenance services. All specialists are trained to provide each individual customer with tips and tricks that will help them to transform their bathroom to their own specific personal preferences.

Bathroom Improvement

Our shower installation process

Glass Doctor of West Orange renovation process begins by asking customers to take note of the current condition of their bathroom. Our glass specialists will ask about:

  • Configuration: Are your walls tile or drywall?
  • Measurements: Do you know the size of your bathroom?
  • Ventilation: Is your bathroom well ventilated?

If you are unsure about configuration, measurements, or ventilation, do not worry. The next step in our process will answer these questions for you. Our glass specialists will conduct an expert consultation, determining how to enhance the look, feel, and value of your current bathroom. Our team will guide you through the entire process, kindly assisting you with designs, budget plans and general glass care.

After agreeing on a glass enclosure design, the Glass Doctor of West Orange team will carefully explain the ordering and installation process. We sill set a date and time to begin renovation that suits you personally.

Designing your very own glass shower enclosure couldn’t be easier. Simply call Glass Doctor of West Orange today or schedule an appointment to get started.

Our glass specialists provide the highest quality installation services, support, maintenance, and renovation, guaranteeing to provide you with a brand new shower enclosure that you will be proud to own.