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Door Closer Repair Service

Creating a welcoming storefront is a vital component in helping your Texarkana area business to become and stay successful. Local business competition is lively, so it’s worth the effort to create and maintain a shop or restaurant that adds vitality and jobs to your community. Once a customer enters the front door, your business’s first impression is made. The experts at Glass Doctor® of Texarkana will guarantee that your business always makes a great first impression by providing you with a wide range of skilled commercial door closer repair and care services.

Door Closer Basics

These units serve a great purpose by consistently providing an efficient, effortless way for customers and your employees to enter or leave your building. When properly installed and maintained, a door closer provides effortless service for decades. Each closer should always provide the right amount of give or back pressure when opened or closing. The team at Glass Doctor of Texarkana will properly adjust the speed of an expertly repaired or newly installed unit to ensure it operates smoothly and with just the right amount of air pressure.

Our Repair Services

All such mechanisms, especially after years of use, can develop problems. When age is coupled with internal component failure and poor or little maintenance, the combination will affect the performance of any frequently used entry door. Unfortunately, when a door closer does begin to fail, it can be potentially dangerous if the door suddenly begins to stick or slam shut.

The highly-trained specialists at Glass Doctor of Texarkana will quickly locate and repair problems using high-quality internal mechanisms and matching hardware. Our reputation for superior expertise at repairing or replacing all types and brands of door equipment is unsurpassed. Here are a few common problems that may require our specialized services:

Inappropriate Door Closers: Every commercial-grade closer is designed to operate according to the type and weight of the doors on which they’re installed. Using the wrong size or type of equipment can easily affect the longevity of the unit and potentially damage the door and door frame. Installing the right unit is important to our specialists, who will first consult you on your security needs and the daily volume of customer traffic.

Incorrect Installation or Maintenance: While it’s key that a door closer matches the specifications of each door, proper attachment of the closer body and arm also play an important role in a successful repair or installation. Our experts’ experience in repairing and installing closers will prevent the following problems:

  • Component damage: Failed seals or O-rings
  • Oil leaks: Low lubricant levels can cause doors to operate erratically, which can cause injury or door damage
  • Locking Difficulty: This can cause potential security risks or doorframe damage

Door Closer Maintenance Services

Repairs performed by unskilled individuals can void active door closer warranties. The experts at Glass Doctor of Texarkana offer on-site inspections, unequaled customer service and additional specialized services, including custom glass repairs and installations and repairing or installing thresholds, door frames and hardware. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.