Door Closer Repair Service

Your business storefront and entryway doors are your first impression to customer. Glass Doctor¨ of Sumter understands how important it is to create a positive impression, which is why we provide comprehensive door closer repair services to ensure your business continues welcoming guest.

How Door Closers Work

With a manual door closer, otherwise impossibly heavy doors open without a great deal of effort and close on their own. When installed correctly, a door closer will give customers an idea of the door's weight when initially opening it. Once pressure is applied, the door should open with ease. A spring mechanism in the door closer is activated once force is no longer applied to the door, allowing the door to come to a gentle stop within the doorframe itself.

Door Closer Repair

The Wrong Door Closers

It's important to always make sure the correct door closer is installed on the right type of door. Incorrect door closers present significant safety hazards to employees and customers. Over time, the wrong door closer will cause significant damage to the door, door frame and door closer.

Improperly Installed and Adjusted Door Closers

Count on Glass Doctor of Sumter to perform top quality door closer repair and installation. After installation, we will perform general maintenance to optimize the functionality and life span of your door closer. Trust in our specialists to conduct these repairs as it is integral to stopping:

  • Strange, abrupt door movements
  • Damage to the doorframe
  • Misalignments

Seal Repairs and Low Oil Levels

If a seal breaks in your door closer, seek immediate assistance from experienced experts. A broken seal exposes sensitive hardware to the elements, contributes to the leaking of lubrication and makes visible any clearance gaps in the door. Leaking oil is a primary indicator that the door closer is in need or repair. Missing hardware components, damaged O-rings and broken seals are often the cause.

Difficult to Lock Door

If you've been dealing with a stubborn lock when closing your business for the day, it's a good idea to get it repaired immediately. A door that won't lock easily presents a liability to the security of your business while also damaging the door closer, lock and doorframe.

Door Closer Maintenance Services

Door closers with a warranty should not be repaired by anyone but qualified specialists so that the warranty is not voided. Glass Doctor of Sumter has considerable experience performing these repairs. Ask our specialists about additional services we offer such as glass repair, threshold repair, hardware installation, hinge repair and much more.

Call Glass Doctor of Sumter today to speak with a member of our team or fill out a simple service request online to receive assistance.