Advance Measurement System

You can never over prepare for disaster at your business. Glass Doctor® of Sumter is your resource for the glass repair and replacement portion of your business recovery plan. We will protect your business from any difficulties associated with broken glass through our Advance Measurement™ system. This proactive glass care solution will make any glass-related disaster manageable.

Our Advance Measurement™ System

The Glass Doctor® of Sumter Advance Measurement™ system prepares your facilities for glass repair before disaster strikes. We start by surveying your entire facility, mapping out every piece of glass that you have on a numbered diagram. This way, when any glass is damaged, you can simply give us a number and we will know exactly what needs to be fixed.

Benefits of the Advance Measurement™ System


Added Convenience

Participating in the Advance Measurement™ system will enhance the convenience of all glass services you receive, so you can worry less about your glass and focus on running your business. Here are a few ways that Advance Measurement™ adds convenience:

  • Faster Emergency Glass Repairs: Glass Doctor® of Sumter offers 24/7 glass repair services. Advance Measurement™ streamlines this service by allowing you to gain a full glass repair on our first trip. This avoids an unsightly board-up at your business and reduces the amount of time we spend on the repair.
  • In-Stock Glass Options: As a part of the Advance Measurement™ system, you have the option to have us store specific pieces of glass just for your business. This is great for any glass that breaks frequently.
  • Pre-established credit: As an Advance Measurement™ customer, you can pre-establish credit to prevent billing conflicts.
  • Glass Service Savings: Because our glass specialists will always know exactly what needs to be done through the Advance Measurement™ system, there won't be a need to make multiple trips; this will save you money on your glass service.
  • Reduced Business Liability: No matter how well you try to block off the site of the damage, broken glass creates liability for your business. The Advance Measurement™ system minimizes the time glass repair and replacement require, which eliminates risks faster.

The Best Glass Care is Proactive Glass Care

Protecting your business' glass starts now. Contact Glass Doctor® of Sumter today to sign up for the Advance Measurement™ system.