Emergency Business Glass Services

Broken glass windows or doors can be catastrophic when it comes to your business. It compromises the safety and security of your employees, customers and assets and can drastically reduce your revenue. Glass Doctor® Home + Business of Sarnia / Lambton County is committed to high quality, 24/7 services for your emergency window repair and replacement needs. We will board up your windows to protect your building, as well as measure the glass windows or doors for a timely replacement.

Advance Measurement System

We offer an Advance Measurement System for your business, providing even faster repairs in case of an emergency. If you would like to ensure your business stays up and running with little to no disruption, invest in this exclusive program.

Our specialists create a specialized diagram of your business that includes measurements and details of the glass doors and windows, each with a corresponding number. If your business glass is damaged, simply call Glass Doctor Home + Business of Sarnia / Lambton County, and inform us of the window or door that requires repair or replacement. With our in-stock options, we can replace the glass in a single visit. This option helps eliminate the need to board up your business’ windows.

In-Stock Replacement Program

For some businesses, because of location or other reasons, broken glass is an unfortunately common occurrence. For better service, we have created an in-stock program, storing extra glass for your business at all times. This eliminates delays from special-ordering glass for you. 

Commercial Care

We commit to saving you valuable time and money with our Commercial Care Program. Designed with commercial businesses in mind, this program includes:

  • Priority with after-hours response: In the event of extensive storm damage in your area, your business will remain at the top of our list.
  • Specialists dedicated to your business: Eliminating delays and additional explanations.
  • Discounted emergency board-up services: Glass Doctor Home + Business of Sarnia / Lambton County will offer discounted prices for members of the Commercial Care Program.
  • Commercial account set up: With pre-established credit and contact information, your billing process will be simplified.
  • Membership pricing on all work performed: Commercial glass costs can add up; this feature helps you save more during necessary repairs or replacement.

Keep Your Business Safe

Glass Doctor Home + Business of Sarnia / Lambton County ensures that the safety and security of your business remains intact with swift response times, exact measurements and quality work. Protect your business assets by utilizing our specialists when you are in need of emergency window repair or replacement. Call now or schedule an appointment online