Door Closer Repair Service

While you might provide the best products and services available, you may be losing potential customers because of poor presentation. From the moment visitors see your storefront and walk through your entryway, they begin to form an opinion about your business. Glass Doctor Home + Business of Sarnia / Lambton County® offers a variety of door closer repair and maintenance services that will ensure that your door is operating safely and that you make a memorable first impression that will help turn first time visitors into loyal customers.

Door Close Operation

Door closers are a vital part of safely and easily operating heavy commercial doors. A door closer is designed to allow the door to steadily open with little resistance while also gently closing the door after the user has safely passed through and stopped applying pressure. This mechanism not only provides convenient operation, it also protects customers and prevents damage to your door frame.

Door Closer Repair

Our specialists often find heavy doors have been equipped with inadequate door closers. Heavy doors need to be outfitted with springs that can accommodate the weight of the door. The right door closer will eliminate safety risks and prevent any misalignment that can cause major damage over time.

Broken seals and low oil levels: Something as simple as a broken seal can cause major problems and prevent your door from operating properly. A bad seal tends to create clearance gaps that then lead to lubricant leaks. If you notice oil leaking from the door closer, it is a clear indication that there is mechanical problem that needs to be addressed. Be sure to contact a professional to get expert help with your door closer repair project and to make sure that your oil levels are perfectly calibrated. Without the right amount of oil, your door may close too quickly and increase the risk of injuries and damage.

Door locks: Your entry door is your main defense against criminals. The right door and lock will provide the ideal level of security so that you, your employees and your merchandise are all protected. If your door isn't closing and locking properly, don't put off repairs. Work with Glass Doctor Home + Business of Sarnia / Lambton County to secure your building and enjoy peace of mind.

Door Closer Maintenance Services

It can be tempting to try and make repairs yourself, but cutting corners can lead to more problems. Most door closers come with a warranty, but if you don't hire a professional to conduct the repairs, you may end up voiding the warranty. The best solution is to partner our highly trained professionals who have years of experience repairing and maintaining a wide variety of doors, locks and door closers. Rely on our expertise to get the job done right the first time and prolong the life of your door closer.

To learn more about our services and to schedule a consultation, call Glass Doctor Home + Business of Sarnia / Lambton County today. A specialist will visit your facility, answer all your questions and make recommendations for the best course of action. Enjoy access to the knowledge and expertise you need to help make you always make a good first impression and create a welcoming entrance for potential and existing customers.