Industry Glass Solutions

No matter the industry you are in, Glass Doctor® of Rome, GA offers commercial glass care services fit for your business. We provide emergency repair and replacement services as well as upgrades and window maintenance for every type of commercial building.

Commercial Services in Rome, GA

Apartments and Condominiums

Glass Doctor of Rome, GA provides a complete line of commercial glass care for your multi-unit dwellings, so your residents are always comfortable. Upgrade your locker rooms with glass shower enclosures complete with privacy tinting or give the gym a makeover with new custom mirrors. We will upgrade your building's windows with energy efficient glass or respond to an emergency call in the middle of the night. We'll even give your residents a 15% discount on all auto glass services.

apartment windows


Clean and modern is the best option for restaurant glass. Our specialists are highly experienced and will repair or replace various glass fixtures, windows and specialty features quickly and efficiently. Freshen up your dining room with tinted glass dividers or decorative atrium glass. Or, add convenience with a custom drive-up window in your kitchen. We'll even outfit your salad bar with sneeze shields or install new windows to reduce energy costs.

Schools and Universities

From classrooms and science labs to dormitories and lounges, Glass Doctor of Rome, GA will make sure your students and faculty are on track. Our specialists install one-way observation glass in offices or upgrade the locker room with custom mirrors. We offer shatter-resistant glass for classroom doors and safety-rated glass for residence halls. Or, let us create a custom glass case to beautifully showcase the achievements of your students.


Plate glass windows and glass entry doors give your visitors a great experience as they enter your establishment. Custom mirrors give your dressing rooms an elegant, comfortable feel that your customers will love. Give your finest merchandise the attention it deserves with glass shelving and display cases or boosts your damage prevention by adding security film to windows and door glass.

Hotels and Motels

When guests stay at your hotel or motel, you want them to feel relaxed and comfortable. At the same time, you want furnishings that are durable so they can withstand the wear and tear of daily use. Glass Doctor of Rome, GA offers a variety of decorative features for your guest rooms that are as durable as they are beautiful. From custom shower enclosures to decorative wall mirrors, your guests will enjoy the luxury while you enjoy the dependability.

Cities and Municipalities

Saving money and staying on budget is important to your residents and constituents, and we offer a variety of solutions to keep you on point. Our specialists will provide energy efficient upgrades that cut expenses and emergency commercial glass care services that keep your buildings safe at any hour. Boost the safety rating of your buildings with weather or fire-rated glass or keep your door closers operating smoothly so customers can easily enter your establishments.

Commercial Glass Care Program

Enjoy added confidence when you sign up for our Commercial Care program that offers priority after-hours response, a centralized commercial account, and special savings on future repairs, upgrades, and auto glass repairs. To learn more about how Glass Doctor of Rome, GA keeps businesses running smoothly, call or schedule an appointment online today!