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Glass Table Tops

Business offices and savvy homeowners know glass decor makes an excellent accent to beautiful, antique wood. It also redirects the eye and makes the space seem bigger. Glass Doctor® of Rome, GA offers you more than off-the-shelf glass additions for your home. Count on our glass professionals to integrate beautiful, functional glass decor into any space!

Our Glass Expertise is Your Advantage

Where you want to use glass in furniture will affect the characteristics of the piece. Glass Doctor of Rome, GA specialists will discuss a variety of options for your new piece, including:

  • Edging
  • Safety requirements that include tempered and laminated glass
  • Thickness and weight
  • Tinting that blocks harmful UV rays from damaging fine furniture and carpet

Adding edging to a tabletop will make it a more personalized piece. The subtle change in edging makes a great difference in the overall appearance of the piece. A more obvious adjustment to a pane is to tint the glass. Tinted glass decor can be as subtle and clear or colorful as you want. We recommend our customers use glass to enhance and highlight specific areas of their home. Once you know where you want to add a glass tabletops, the features of the piece are usually easy to determine.

Glass Doctor of Rome, GA creates glass decor for:

Graphic of different glass edges
  • Antique furniture
  • Coffee and end-tables
  • Desktops
  • Dining room and conference tables
  • Patio and outdoor furniture

Your custom tabletops will be functional and safe while adding to the overall appeal of your furniture.

Custom Shelves and Shelving Units

Custom shelving make an organizational and decorative statement. Whether stand-alone or built-in, customized shelving units minimize clutter and can accentuate spaces in a way that prefabricated shelving simply cannot. Every space from closets to kitchens to work cubicles can have the benefit from custom shelving. Before ordering your piece, consider various style features:

  • The height and configuration will suit you space
  • The distance between each shelf will meet your exact specifications
  • Number of shelves needed
  • The weight of the glass, customized edging and overall design can complement your collectibles or become a room’s focal point
  • Tinting not only offers glass decor options for color-matching and enhancement, it also offers additional safety

Floyd County businesses and homeowners call Glass Doctor of Rome, GA when they are building or renovating rooms. Onsite consultations are free; our trained professionals will work with your Lindale, Rome, Silver Creek and surrounding area architects and contractors to create glass decor ambiance, appeal and functionality in every space. Call 706-252-8505 today or contact Glass Doctor of Rome, GA for more information.