Custom Mirrors for Your Home

Woman cleaning a custom mirror with a spray can with the words Glass Doctor on the side of the spray car


Your home reflects your personal style. Its interior decor establishes a unique atmosphere in each room, which immediately conveys an impression. The experts at Glass Doctor of Rome, GA understand the importance of your home's image.

If you want to create a specific atmosphere in your home, they can help you achieve it. Our glass services include custom mirror options that transform, accentuate and define your distinctive living space.

The Design Process

Finding mirrors and glass decor items that conform to your personal preference is often difficult. Our custom glass service gives you the freedom to imagine and create a unique setting in any room. No special talent for drawing is required. We work with you, listen to your ideas and ensure that your design concept is realized.

Choose from custom specifications that include the sizing, shape, edging and thickness of your glass decor. Our professionals make custom glass and mirrors in different colors to match your current scheme, and we pay attention to every detail. Dictate the reflective quality of your custom glass by designating the thickness and color.

Our glass specialists unite industry know-how with years of practical experience. They provide expert insights on where to place it, how to use it, and whether your custom glass and mirror ideas will work well in your home.

Professional Applications

Our custom mirrors can enhance your home decor by providing a beautiful reflection of your displays, and by strategically placed accent mirrors. Applications include:

  • More natural light: Use less energy and lower your electric costs with custom glass mirrors. When placed in the right spot, mirrors can help reflect and amplify light coming into your home. This can help brighten up a room by amplifying the light from table lamps and overhead lighting. Wall-mounted mirrors in the kitchen, dining and bedrooms of your home will reduce energy consumption.
  • The look of larger dimensions: Mirrors generate the illusion of space. Creative applications transform small spaces like hallways, bathrooms and dimly lit areas into expansive places that project an open, airy appearance. Our glass experts are able to craft mirrored wall designs, customized backsplashes and artistically framed statement pieces.
  • Impressive functions: Although many aspects of interior design fulfill a singular purpose, custom glass mirrors often perform dual roles. Floor-to-ceiling mirrors can make a room look bigger and also help you make sure you look good before leaving home. Moreover, custom frames, mirrored shelves, and shaped displays highlight and protect expensive artwork and similar accents in your home.

Custom Glass Decor Near Me

Keep your surfaces looking great with our Hydrophobic glass protectant. This product is perfect for protecting glass, granite, and porcelain from scratches and mineral deposits. It will keep your glass surfaces looking sparkling and new. To learn more about our custom mirror and glass services, contact Glass Doctor of Rome, GA and schedule a consultation today.