Windshield Services

Windshield damage affects your vehicle’s safety and requires either repair or replacement as soon as possible. The Auto Glass Safety Council™ (AGSC) reports that the windshield constitutes 60% of the vehicle's structural support in the event of a rollover. For these reasons, it's important to have damaged auto-glass fixed. So, go to the best windshield repair team in the area, Glass Doctor® of North Platte.

Windshield repair at Glass Doctor of North Platte

Windshield Repair or Replacement?

While Glass Doctor of North Platte can repair most any chipped or cracked windshield, in some circumstances, complete replacement is a better option. You'll want to take into account the following factors:

  • Extent of damage: Generally, chips larger than 3/8 inch and cracks more than three inches long cannot be repaired, and the windshield must be replaced instead.
  • Damage location: Windshield repair often leaves a faint outline where the damage once was. This outline can be distracting if it's in the driver's line of sight, so in that case, it's a good idea to replace the entire windshield. Also, if the cracks have spread to the windshield's edge, they may spread even further, so replacing the windshield is advisable.
  • Damage age: Dirt and dust accumulate in cracks and chips over time, making it more difficult to successfully repair the windshield and requiring replacement instead.

Windshield Repair

Glass Doctor of North Platte recommends repairing rather than replacing damaged windshields when at all possible. It's quicker, and because it's less expensive, your insurance is more likely to pay for the replacement. Repairing the damage is more environmentally friendly than replacing and disposing of the old windshield.

Windshield repair typically takes about an hour. Our glass service professionals clean debris from the damaged area, then a repair resin is injected into the crack or chip. The resin cures for a short period and polished to a clear and smooth finish.

Windshield Replacement

In comparison, windshield replacement is a more detailed process:

  • Our glass experts select a windshield matching the Auto Glass Replacement Safety Standards (AGRSS).
  • Then we carefully remove the old, damaged windshield, taking care not to damage the bonding surface and the vehicle's paint.
  • Finally, the AGSC approved adhesive that holds the new windshield in place must be allowed to cure for one hour; this waiting period ensures the bond is fully dried and adhered.

Glass Doctor of North Platte is committed to excellent and safe windshield replacement practices. We guarantee our work with our Windshield Protection Plan, which states that Glass Doctor of North Platte your new windshield will be protected for the next 12 months from chips or cracks.

Don’t let a crack in your windshield threaten the safety of your family. Schedule an appointment with Glass Doctor of North Platte today! Our auto glass professionals have the