Custom Mirrors

Adding custom mirrors to your home will give rooms a dramatic facelift without breaking the bank. Glass Doctor® of North Platte creates unique, stunning and functional custom mirror solutions to enhance every room in your home while offering an exceptional selection of mirrors for virtually any style of decor. Our service professionals will guide you through the entire process and ensure your custom mirror delivers the utility and stunning effects you desire.

Mirrors Made to Improve Space

Glass Doctor of North Platte experts specialize in creating one-of-a-kind custom solutions for homeowners throughout the areas. Our interior designers utilize state-of-the-art tools to capture your vision and bring it to fruition. Consider the effect you hope to achieve with a custom mirror; it will influence the design of the piece.

Create the Illusion of Space and Depth

Transform tiny rooms into visually enlarged spaces with strategically placed mirrors. Whether you desire a gleaming wall of mirrored tiles or a perfectly framed mirror, we will meet your needs and exceed your expectations. Over our years of experience, we have collected countless design secrets and tips. Some of the most common include:

  • Emit the charming and warm glow of a fireplace with a large mirror over the mantle.
  • Enlarge the space of small rooms by placing mirrors on opposite walls.
  • Create an endless garden by placing a large mirror on the outside wall of the patio.
  • Amplify and brighten the visual appeal of a small kitchen with a mirrored glass backsplash.

Accentuate Your Art and Home Decor

In addition to being superbly functional, mirrors make amazing free-standing home design elements. The experts at Glass Doctor of North Platte will personally work with you to develop custom mirrors of any shape, size, or finish. In the process, keep these essential decorative mirror ideas in mind:

  • Framed mirrors offer artistic beauty and are always visually stunning.
  • Hanging mirrors are used to redirect light toward your favorite art pieces.
  • Mirrored shelves are perfect for highlighting the appeal of treasured antiques and collectibles.

Bolster the Natural Light of Your Home

Regardless of the size of the room in your home, strategically placed mirrors will absorb light and create the illusion of brighter, more spacious rooms. At Glass Doctor of North Platte, our expert decorators use a bevy of tips and tricks, including:

  • Harness artificial light by hanging a larger mirror beneath a ceiling light or a chandelier; or try adding a mirror between wall-mounted sconces.
  • Situating a mirror across from a window in a small room, so it will brighten the space and enlarge the area with the appeal of another window.

Unique Custom Mirrors Designed to Impress

Whether it's an entryway, hall, or bedroom, tall mirrors will instantly add height and become the focal point of a previously blank wall. We will create the mirror to whatever shape or size you desire. Our interior decor experts will assist you in choosing the best location, most impactful style, and the optimum size of your unique statement custom mirror.

Add Mirrors Today

To get the process started, we provide complimentary in-home consultations where we take exact measurements and explain all your options. During our meeting, we invite our clients to ask questions and consider multiple mirror addition options. Request your in-home consultation from Glass Doctor of North Platte today to take the first step toward a custom mirror for your home!