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Custom Mirrors

A custom mirror in your home will carry light and openness throughout your living space, giving a beautiful sense of airy comfort. If you’re looking for ways to brighten up your home, without having to do any remodeling work, the right designs placed in just the right places will give your space a whole new look.

Glass Doctor® of Moorhead has glass specialists that will walk you through the variety of options for custom mirrors and glass to create a style all your own. We can design, cut and install just about any mirror or glass décor you want to bring your home new life.

Mirror Decor Benefits Beauty and Function

Depth and Space

Mirrors have been used for centuries to provide the illusion of depth and space in rooms that are small or don’t get a lot of light. A custom mirror placed in the right place reflects the walls and ceiling, as well as spreading natural and artificial light, making even small rooms and hallways seem open and inviting. Tiled or custom framed mirrors highlight the beautiful curves and angles of your home, drawing the architecture together into a thing of beauty. Glass Doctor of Moorhead will walk through with you, showing you the perfect locations for mirrors to make your home shine.

Highlight Home Decor and Art

If you already have existing art and glass decor, a custom mirror cut to your specifications and placed just so can create a natural spotlight for the pieces you love. Different tints, edges, finish options and frames let you create custom mirrors that reflect the unique style of your home.

Enhance Natural Light

Mirrored tabletops and hanging mirrors catch natural and artificial light, spreading it out into the corners of rooms. Where there are no windows, a few well-placed mirrors chase away the dark.

Dress to Impress

Full-length mirrors not only look gorgeous, they help you look gorgeous too. Full length or floor-to-ceiling mirrors in bedrooms, closets, bathrooms or entryways let you do that last minute check with ease.

A custom mirror is a beautiful addition to any space. Select one that suits your needs and tastes:

  • Mirrored Wall: Small spaces open up as light is reflected and the space seems to multiply, which is great for small hallways.
  • Mirrored Backsplash: Use this to open up your kitchen and make a unique design choice for the space.
  • Statement Mirrors: Draw the eyes of visitors and family with beautiful pieces over fireplaces and headboards.
  • Mirrored Shelves: Highlight art and collectibles with shelves that illuminate from below.
  • Hanging Mirrors: Direct natural light into all the dark corners or pull attention to favorite art pieces.
  • Framed Mirrors: Create a work of art with framed mirrors to accentuate existing displays.
  • Bedroom Mirrors: Make the bedroom cozy without being dim with a custom mirror or two that enhances window light and spreads lamplight.
  • Mounted Mirrors: Magnify the shine of mounted lamps with mirrors behind your light.

Call Glass Doctor of Moorhead for an in-home consultation today. During your free consultation we will take measurements and discuss your best options.