Auto Glass Care

The specialists at Glass Doctor®of Moorhead are dedicated to providing the absolute best in glass expertise, bringing years of professional experience and top notch customer service to our consumers. Whether it is repair or complete auto glass replacement, we are equipped to bringing you the absolute best experience available on the market.

The Importance of Auto Window Maintenance

It may be completely obvious, but stop to consider just how imperative it is to keep the windows in your vehicle in pristine condition. A crack, chip or permanent marring on your window creates the potential to increase the risk of accidents. It only takes a small lapse in visibility and you’ll be looking at much more than a minor window repair.

Additionally, the glass in your vehicle accounts for more than half of your auto’s architectural strength during a collision, and even more so in the event of rolling. Any imperfections in the glass structures can result in a greater risk of damage and injury, costing you much more than simple window maintenance.

Auto Glass Repair And Replacement

The use of a filling resin, set into a chip or crack and then cured and polished, may be looked to in avoidance of a full replacement. Repair is always looked to as the first option, as it is cheaper, less time consuming and is often outright covered by the customer’s insurance. Repairs may be considered if the damage to your vehicle is minor, meaning:

  • Chips or cracks that do not exceed an eighth of an inch are often repairable.
  • Window damage is time sensitive; the longer you’ve had the chip or crack, the less likely it is that repair is an option, as more than likely the damage has spread or debris has made the damage irreparable.
  • Damage spreading to the edges of the glass, or directly in the line of a driver’s sight absolutely requires replacement rather than repair.

Current auto glass technology includes the use of tempered glass, meaning the glass is designed to break into smooth, edgeless pieces that do not carry the risk of harming passengers. This is a great safety quality, but the unfortunate drawback is that since the glass is designed to shatter, it is certain in the event of a collision you will need to have the window completely replaced. This tempered glass is commonly used on all windows in the vehicle excluding the windshield, in which laminated glass is used to strengthen the structural integrity of your vehicle.

The Glass Doctor Guarantee

Glass Doctor of Moorhead is fully equipped to handle tempered glass replacement, as well as handling vehicles that include the temperature gauge, rain sensor and radio antennae features the auto glass industry has integrated into most vehicles. Our specialists are equipped and prepared to offer a complete and accurate consultation regarding your auto glass replacement, and backed by our Windshield Protection Plan we are confident in our ability to assist our consumers.

Additional peace of mind is available in the form of a Future Installation Option. This plan costs, and provides extra services that include additional protection of any damage is done to the windshield in a twelve month period. The plan also covers labor, new windshield wipers, and our hydrophobic glass protectant that aids in the prevention of future damage to your windows.

Glass Doctor at Moorhead is proud to serve, and we’re confident in our ability to offer you an experience that is above and beyond. Visit us today and schedule an auto glass repair or replacement with our team!