Shower Door Installation

Add a feature to your bathroom that will not only improve livability, but also create a more desirable home. Glass Doctor® specialists will install a frameless glass shower door that will allow light to spread evenly throughout your bathroom. This switch will increase visual space without adding square footage or a new window. Installing a glass shower or tub enclosures is a buyer-friendly renovation that won’t destroy your savings account.

Opt to Renovate

High-end finishes in your bathroom make the space feel luxurious. According to the National Association of Realtors® research department, remodeling a bathroom is among the best ways to improve the desirability of your home. Homeowners who have modernized their bathrooms see more than 50 percent of their investment returned. Even if you aren’t planning on selling your home soon, more than half of homeowners who have completed the project report a greater sense of enjoyment when they are at home. Upgrading your bathroom not only improves the functionality of the space but your enjoyment of your home.

Choose Custom Glass Shower Doors

Improve any bathroom with the addition of a frameless glass shower door. Our team will survey your layout and create a custom glass shower enclosure suited to your space. Beyond ensuring a perfect fit, customizing your glass shower door will guarantee continuity of design. Your frameless shower door will anchor the room and update the space. Glass Doctor specialists will take precise measurements to ensure a perfect fit. We also offer customers the options of installing glass tub enclosures.

Design Your Dream Shower Space

The first step of the design process is a consultation with a glass specialist. During our meeting, we will discuss the budget, installation, and care of your new bathroom fixture. A variety of design details will influence the creation of your glass shower or tub doors, we consider:

  • Layout: The configuration of your bathroom will determine the type of glass shower doors or tub enclosure you can install.
  • Building materials: Whether your walls are drywall or tile will affect the maximum weight of your fixture as well as the installation procedure.
  • Size: Because our team customizes each piece to your exact space, measurements of the area are crucial; a team member will measure your bathroom to guarantee we have a precise final fit.
  • Proper ventilation: Without good airflow, moisture will build up in your bathroom. Over time, the trapped water will peel paint and encourage mold growth. Depending upon the layout and building materials of your bathroom, our team may be able to install a ventilation kit to improve interior air circulation.
  • Shower fixtures: Whether you decide to add a shower seat or install a detachable shower head in your new piece, every detail of your shower must fit the design. Poorly placed shower accessories splash water outside the enclosure.

Shower Idea Center

Our team will create a beautiful bathroom addition made especially for your space. Before scheduling your consultation, browse our online resources.

When you select to work with Glass Doctor, your gain a powerful glass design and care partner. We promise to deliver transparent quotes and quality service to every client. Contact our specialists online to design your new frameless glass shower doors today! We are happy to book appointments online or over the phone at (318) 460-0200.