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Storefront Doors


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Creating a secure and stylish entrance to your business is easy with customized storefront doors and windows. Glass Doctor® of Molalla, OR provides a myriad of styles so that your storefront is personalized to your store’s aesthetic. More times than not, your storefront is what will create a first impression in your customer’s mind, let it be a positive impression with a beautiful storefront door.

Storefront Doors

A storefront door is not just for functional purposes, it also speaks to the style of the business. Glass Doctor of Molalla, OR is able to implement top-quality bulletproof or fire-resistant glass to your storefront doors to instill safety day and night. For locations that deal with harsh weather frequently it is recommended to look into the hurricane-impact glass for protection. Tempered safety glass is also provided to further protect your store.

Glass Doctor of Molalla, OR can customize your storefront door to include the following information regard your store:

  • Your Store’s Name
  • The Company’s Logo
  • The Address
  • Hours of Operation
  • And More

Security Film

Our specialists also have the skills to apply security film to your storefront glass doors or windows to provide an extra layer of protection to your store. While still allowing sun and natural light into your store during the day, the film acts as a deterrent for robbers and thief’s at night. The film is also tear-resistant, which helps the glass break into large, safe shards, instead of small, sharp ones in case of a break. It will make cleanup easier and safer. Glass Doctor’s security film works wonders to save your business from damaging weather while also adding an extra layer of protection.

24/7 Emergency Services

Any time, night or day, that you need emergency repair on your storefront doors or window, Glass Doctor of Molalla, OR will be there. We understand that there is no good time for damage to happen to your glass, so when a break happens our specialists will come to perform the following steps:

  • Clean up the surround areas.
  • Board up the broken pane.
  • Come at a time of your convenience to fully install a new glass.

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