Door Closer Repair Service

Customer service starts the moment someone walks through your door. Make a great first impression when you trust your door closer care to Glass Doctor® of Memphis. Our team of glass specialists provide manual door closer repair and maintenance services for all types of commercial properties.

How Door Closers Work

Manual door closers let users easily open doors without the need to physically close them. When a manual door closer is properly installed, an individual will experience some resistance when opening the door. Following this initial resistance, the door will glide open. When resistance is no longer applied, a spring in the door closer will force it to close gently as it returns to its frame.

Door Closer Repair

When a door closer is improperly installed or maintained, serious safety concerns may result. Door closer repair should always be conducted by a professional, who will ensure that the correct door closer is installed, it is properly adjusted and locks securely.

Incorrect door closer: Heavier doors require a strong closer with heavy-duty springs. When a door has the wrong type of closer installed, it is a safety hazard and misalignment and door damage can occur.

Improperly installed or adjusted door closers: The team at Glass Doctor of Memphis utilized the correct tools to install and maintain manual door closers. This maximizes their lifespan and ensures that the door remains in good working condition. An experienced glass specialists should provide door closer care and adjust springs, which is essential for preventing:

  • Damage to doorframe
  • Misalignments
  • Low Oil levels
  • Abnormal door movement

Broken seals create clearance gaps, leave door hardware vulnerable and may lead to lubricant leaks. An oil leak generally indicates a mechanical issue with a door closer, such as a failed seal, missing screw or broken O-rings. It is vital to have a professional replace the oil in your door closer. Lack of lubrication will cause your door to open or close too quickly, which could cause injury to your users or the door itself.

Difficult to lock doors: When a door does not lock correctly, it poses a security risk and may damage the doorframe and door closer.Our team repairs or installs new hardware and threshold fixtures to solve the problem.

Door Closer Maintenance Services

If your commercial door closer is covered under a warranty, it could be voided if an untrained individual attempts repairs. The specialists at Glass Doctor of Memphis receive comprehensive training on the installation, maintenance and repair of door closers. Our team is also fully trained to provide service for doorframes, hinges, thresholds, door glass and other hardware.

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