Advance Measurement System

The Glass Doctor® of Memphis Advance Measurement systems offers stress free, proactive commercial glass care. When you include glass repair and replacement in your disaster recovery plans, you solve your glass emergencies before they happen.

Our Proactive Care System

To set up an Advance Measurement system, our team will survey your commercial premises. We note the measurements of glass panes in the windows, doors and other glass components. The team documents the required types of glass, marking any safety glass code guidelines. Then we create a numbered diagram for your commercial facility with locations of glass panes.

Faster Emergency Repairs

Regardless of the when glass damage occurs, call Glass Doctor of Memphis right away. Use your numbered diagram to report the broken glass. We'll use our corresponding diagram to find the proper glass replacement. When we have the glass in stock, we'll complete the replacement in one visit, eliminating the need for an ugly board up and saving you time and money. Creating an Advance Measurement plan also gives your company the option to pre-establish your contact and credit information, further speeding up the glass replacement process.

In-Stock Options

Some commercial facilities incur frequent glass damage. To save you from boarding up the same window time and time again, opt for Glass Doctor of Memphis to pre-order the troublesome glass through our in-stock program, allowing us to have it ready to install as soon as you need it.

Benefits of Advance Measurement

Enrolling in our proactive commercial glass care program comes with a variety of benefits, which every type of business will find useful.

  • Savings: Get a full installation done in just one visit.
  • Convenience: Limit down time to keep daily transactions flowing smoothly.
  • Liability: Minimize risk of injury to customers and employees.
  • Security: Keep the premises secure to prevent theft and vandalism.
  • Expedience: Get repair and replacement jobs completed more quickly.
  • Aesthetic: Avoid board ups to keep your business looking its best.
  • Credit: Pre-establish credit to eliminate potential billing conflicts.

Enroll in your Proactive Plan Today

No business plans on suffering severe glass damage. Proactive commercial glass care ensures glass breakage won't ever interfere with daily business operations. Set up your Advance Measurement inspection with Glass Doctor of Memphis today.