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Custom Mirrors

Mirrors are more than just an item used to see your reflection. They are also a versatile element that adds incredible dimension to home decor. Mirrors have become a popular tool for interior designers, maximizing the illusion of space, creating an artful focal point and spreading light throughout a room. Glass Doctor® of Memphis offers glass home decor services that include custom mirrors. If you are ready to embark on an interior design project, our glass specialists are waiting to hear from you.

Art, Light and Dimension

Mirrors can act as a central piece of artwork or fit into your overall design scheme. No matter how you are looking to utilize a mirror in your home, Glass Doctor of Memphis will walk you through choices and ideas so you can achieve the perfect outcome. Our specialists will talk to you about:

  • Designs and cuts
  • Finishes
  • Edge options

If a mirror is situated correctly in a room, it can enhance and amplify both artificial and natural light. Place them on the opposite wall from windows or light sources. Mirrors also create an illusion, one that adds the perception of more space. Both of these attributes care helpful in small or constricted spaces. Let Glass Doctor of Memphis work with you to design mirrors that complement your home.

A Mirror for Every Room

Our glass specialists are able to take on home decor projects in any room of your home. Some of our custom jobs include:

  • Living Room: Statement mirrors, mirrored shelves or inlays and mirrored hutches or display cases
  • Bedroom: Dressing mirrors, closet doors, vanities or full length mirrors
  • Bathroom: Standard and custom bathroom mirrors and vanity mirrors
  • Kitchen: Mirrored backsplash or decorative mirrors

If a project isn't listed, ask our team about it! Glass Doctor of Memphis can order, customize and install almost any glass or mirror design. Our glass specialists are able to meet your specifications and design needs. If you have a home decor project that involves mirrors, call us to make an appointment and see what we can do for you.