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Custom Mirrors

While Glass Doctor® of Longwood, FL specializes in property and vehicle glass repair and replacement, we also have trained professionals who are knowledgeable about interior decor for homes and businesses. Whether renovating or building new, businesses and homeowners should contact us for an onsite consultation about custom mirror design and service.

Create the Illusion of Space

Glass decor and custom mirrors generate interest, excitement and add appeal to any area! Floor-to-ceiling mirrors are a great addition to workout centers and small rooms. Tile or framed mirrors that are placed strategically will enlarge and brighten the space. Glass Doctor of Longwood, FL service professionals will demonstrate effective custom mirror positioning and suggest spots where statement mirrors deliver the best effects. To transform an area into a focal point, consider these custom mirror options:

  • Backsplashes for bathroom or kitchen add depth to the room.
  • Place mirrors across from windows to utilize natural lighting in hallways, conference rooms or bedrooms.
  • Closet door mirrors are the perfect for checking your appearance.
  • Partial or full mirrored walls create a spacious feel.
  • Above-the-mantel mirrors make a welcoming statement.

Highlight Art and Collectibles

A carefully placed custom mirror tabletop or shelving unit will redirect light to enhance focal points in your home or office. To maximize form and function, Glass Doctor of Longwood, FL will explain how proper weight, edging, tint, safety factors, and framing are needed for each glass or mirror piece, depending on placement and use. Decorative custom mirrors include:

  • Framed mirrors are simply a beautiful addition to any space. If you are restoring antique furniture, including mirror frames, we can create a custom mirror that works with your period piece.
  • Hanging mirrors will reflect artificial or natural light; it will enhance an art piece, especially in a windowless room.
  • Mirrored shelving showcases art pieces, sculptures or collectibles.

Commercial Mirror Placement

Staging a retail sales floor with appealing merchandise is important. Equally as important is adding mirrors to the surrounding space. Mirrors play a vital role in consumer spending and well-being. In addition to having well-appointed bathroom mirrors for your employees, you may also consider mirrors in various public areas.

  • Add a two-way mirror in conference rooms or employee only spaces.
  • Add mirrors to desktops, countertops or display cases.
  • Adding mirrors in public rooms, gyms or rest areas is an additional convenience to guest.

Glass and custom mirror decor is perfect for any interior style or decorating theme! Call Glass Doctor of Longwood, FL at (407) 869-0404 or contact us online with your glass and mirror design questions. To arrange for your free onsite, in-home consultation, indicate you’d like to schedule an appointment and we’ll meet with you at a time that works best for you.