Limited Windshield Warranty

If your car experiences a chipped, cracked or broken windshield, Glass Doctor can help! We provide quality workmanship and materials to give your car industry-leading results. We make sure our replacements meet the American safety code for auto glass, as suggested by the American Standards Association. Glass Doctor does this because we know that you are carrying precious cargo in your vehicle. Glass Doctor also uses a special adhesive to attach your new windshield that goes beyond all Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards. We make sure that when you drive off, your car, truck, or SUV is safer than when you came in.

What is the Limited Windshield Warranty?

The Limited Windshield Warranty we offer protects you after a windshield replacement. If your vehicle were to experience a leak or manufacturing problem that impairs your vision while driving, our Limited Windshield Warranty would cover instances such as this. During the warranty period, if there is a leak, Glass Doctor would reseal the new glass or provide a replacement windshield.

What is the difference between Windshield Protection Plan and Limited Windshield Warranty?

Glass Doctor provides two different warranties, the Windshield Protection Plan and the Limited Windshield Warranty. If you run into a problem with the new windshield after a Glass Doctor service, these warranties will cover your vehicle. Our warranties are available in order to ensure that you, your family, and your vehicle stay safe!

Below are the significant differences between the Limited Windshield Warranty and the Windshield Protection Plan:

  • Limited Windshield Warranty
  • Covers cost of labor.
  • Covers lifetime warranty against leakage.
  • Protected from manufacturing defects that impair your vision.
  • Any workmanship errors are covered under this warranty.
  • If leakage occurs your windshield will be resealed. Or, a new windshield will be provided.
  • Windshield Protection Plan
  • Covers the cost of glass.
  • Covers unlimited repairs. Or, a single replacement within 12 months of the original replacement date.
  • If your windshield can be safely repaired our specialists will choose that option.
  • Damage due to collision, vandalism, fraud, or acts of God are excluded.


We work hard to deliver services that will benefit you long after you leave, but Glass Doctor cannot guarantee the warranty still holds after improvements or changes have been made to the auto glass in question. We cannot guarantee any work if another dealer or auto glass company has touched Glass Doctor’s work.

To learn more about our Limited Windshield Warranty, call Glass Doctor at 833-974-0209. Our specialists are trained in replacing and repairing car windshield and auto-glass. We are eager to help you today!