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Window Repair & Replacement

To reduce the stress broken glass causes, it's important to get your damaged panes fixed as quickly as possible. Glass Doctor® of Kalamazoo, MI takes pride in providing fast, professional window glass repair and replacement at a time that works for you. Our specialists repair every window using industry best practices, with an up-front pricing guarantee so there are never any surprises when the work is done.

Window Repair

Emergency Services

If your window shatters in the middle of the night or on a weekend, you don't have to worry and you certainly don't have to wait. Our team is standing by 24/7 to re-establish your home’s security. Call Glass Doctor of Kalamazoo, MI any time you need glass repair assistance. A specialist will arrive at your home and complete repairs, often in a single trip. If we need to order a new pane, our specialist will board up the damaged window, clear the area of broken glass and set a time to install the glass. We will always complete immediate repairs if we have the correct size and type of glass in-stock.

Double Pane Window Repair

Our team's window glass repair expertise includes every style of window, so no matter the challenge, we can solve it. We specialize in windows which suffer from damaged or broken seals. A window in disrepair leads to condensation, a foggy appearance to the glass and reduced energy efficiency. Our specialists are able to fix your windows by replacing the panes, leaving your original window frames intact.

Specialty Glass Repair

Talk to our team about repairing or installing all kinds of window and door glass, including:

  • Garage doors
  • Mirrors and tabletops
  • Patio and entry doors
  • Cabinets and shelves
  • Shower doors and enclosures

Window Replacement

We offer a number of insulated glass units (IGUs), so when you're ready to replace windows in your home, you can choose among the most advanced, energy efficient and stylish options available. Work together with our specialists to choose the perfect window for your needs.


Modern glass enhancements give you the advantages of lower energy bills and improved comfort. Replacing old windows with our new glass options like IGUs and low-emissivity windows will increase energy efficiency in your home. Other benefits include:

  • Lower noise pollution
  • Increased home values
  • Greater curb appeal
  • Easier temperature control

Additional Glass Services

Glass Protectant

Windows are a long term investment that can pay off if you protect them. Maintain your windows with Clear Choice™ glass protectant. Our exclusive treatment will protect panes from stains, scratches, grime buildup, mineral deposits and weathering. A shield against damage make windows look better for longer.


Defend your home with glass tint. Window tinting offers protection from harmful ultraviolet rays, reducing energy costs, eliminating glare and shielding your furniture from the damage.

Window Component Repair

Our team repairs all window parts and components, including tilt latches, balances and sash locks. If you have hard-to-open windows or broken locking mechanisms, call today.

Gain the Advantage

Join the Advantage Plan® for exclusive members-only offers, such as priority scheduling and discounts on window glass repair. We also offer new members a free home inspection and a breakage guarantee that lasts the length of your membership.

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Don’t let broken panes cause you stress. Contact Glass Doctor of Kalamazoo, MI today and let us take care of all your glass repair and replacement needs.

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