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Custom Mirrors

Custom glass brings form and function to every home, increasing light flow and protecting your property with sturdy surfaces. Glass mirrors are especially versatile. At Glass Doctor® of Kalamazoo, MI we harness the unique appeal of custom mirrors to truly transform your indoor spaces.

Our glass specialists will complete your space with one-of-a-kind mirrors. Pick the details you want to create mirrors to enhance your Kalamazoo home or business.

Use Mirrors to Enliven Your Space

Open Up Small Spaces

Mirrors create an illusion of extra depth behind walls, reflecting additional space and increasing light flow. If your home has dark or narrow spaces, Glass Doctor of Kalamazoo, MI will open them up with strategic design and placement choices. Our specialists will customize a floor-length mirror to brighten up your narrow entryway or hallway, finishing the piece with a custom frame which matches the rest of your architecture and decor. Other strategic mirrors for small spaces include:

  • Custom mirrored backsplashes made to make kitchen countertops look deeper
  • Large, framed mirrors that reflect the opposite wall over fireplace mantles, headboards, and furniture pieces
  • Angled mirrors that bounce natural sunlight from windows into dark corners

Complement Your Decor

Custom mirrored surfaces are one-of-a-kind decorative pieces, but they also enhance your existing artwork and decor. Display antiques and collectibles on custom mirrored shelves to enjoy 360-degree views of each piece, or hang a custom mirror across from your favorite painting to bounce natural light onto it and double its visibility. We will customize a frame to match your other hanging artwork and decor, so your mirror fits seamlessly into your design scheme.

Make the Most of Michigan Sunshine

Sunny days are always a reason to celebrate, but unless your Michigan home is made of glass, you probably cannot enjoy their full effects in every room. Mirrors allow you to harness and redirect the sunshine that enters your home, breathing new life into windowless spaces. Instead of using electricity to turn on artificial lighting during the day, illuminate darker spaces with angled mirrors that reflect sunlight into neglected corners.

Increase the Impact of Artificial Lighting

Of course, mirrors also improve artificial light flow at night and in windowless rooms. Our glass specialists will help you figure out the best way to maximize your existing light fixtures, such as mounting a custom mirror behind a lamp or angling a mirror toward a chandelier.

Get Ready and Impress Guests

You rely on your mirrors to get ready every morning, and they should be up to the task. We love combining form with function, and we will work hard to design custom mirrors that give you the views you need while making an impressive statement for visitors. Equip your bathroom, entryway, guest room or walk-in closet with custom mirrors that are properly lit and large enough to show every detail. Our practical custom mirror options include:

  • Full length, floor-to-ceiling mirrors in closets and hallways
  • Framed mirrors over bathroom countertops
  • Multiple mirrors that provide angled views in closets
  • Door-mounted mirrors that offer out-of-the-way outfit checks

Schedule a consultation today to get started on your own custom mirror transformation. Call (269) 908-4106 to talk mirrors with one of our talented glass specialists at Glass Doctor of Kalamazoo, MI.

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