Custom Mirrors

Specialty glass and custom mirrors are trending in Colorado homes and offices! Interior professionals in Cheyenne, Estes Park, Fort Collins, Loveland, and nearby communities know the specialists at Glass Doctor ®of Fort Collins have space solutions and decorating ideas for every room. When remodeling or constructing new, savvy homeowners and business managers trust Glass Doctor of Fort Collins to have glass and custom mirrors solutions for every design theme.

Benefits from Custom Mirrors

Depth and Space

Custom mirrors can transform a dark, small hallway into a lighter, larger area with the illusion of space. Mirrors work in concert with artificial and natural lighting to create beautiful, inviting rooms, especially full-wall mirrors, which can be tiled or framed. Even cramped kitchen areas will have more appeal with the addition of a mirrored backsplash. Statement mirrors often become a room's focal point, and your design motif can revolve around your mirror placement.

Art and Collectibles

Nothing draws your visitors' eyes to collectibles as much as custom-designed glass and mirror shelving. And strategically placed mirrors can enhance the placement of wall art. Mirror and glass period pieces can be protected with an application of safety film; this protective coating comes with a wide variety of tints, and if you need custom framing for fine art, a beveled mirror frame may be exactly what is needed. Mirrored shelves can offer a 360-degree view of sculptures, antiques, and valued art pieces. Some framed mirrors are stand-alone art pieces themselves, and bring sophistication to every interior decor style.

Lights and Action

The entire flow of a room can be impacted by mirror placement! In order to channel the light from high windows, you can locate mirrors in such a way that they will maximize a natural light source. Artificial lighting such as desk lamps, floor lamps and ceiling lights can be paired with mirrors to add understated, but effective, illumination in offices and smaller rooms.

Forms Meet Function

Floor-to-ceiling mirrors in a bedroom are an obvious advantage, but consider placing a mirror near your back door. That final appraisal is all you need to assure yourself you've got it all together and you're ready to face the world! Ask the Glass Doctor of Fort Collins professionals how they can create new, custom mirrors or preserve an antique frame with period-appropriate mirror materials. Contact us today for additional information!