Custom Glass Shelves & Tabletops in Evansville, IN

When you have fine wooden furniture and antiques, you want to protect them and keep them beautiful. Custom glass tabletops offer a versatile solution. At Glass Doctor® of Evansville, we customize your glass tabletops to beautify, protect and preserve your fine wooden furniture, antiques, and ornamental surfaces.

We also create custom glass shelves to organize and store your cherished belongings. As with all of our custom glass products, we create your tabletops and shelving with the finest glass, and we perform the work professionally.

Our Creative Process Begins with You

When our glass specialists create custom glass tabletops for your furniture, we design each piece to your specifications. Our customization process begins with you, so we start by visiting your home and listening to your ideas.

Your service professional will present solutions and review any safety concerns related to heavy glass decor. We offer a wide range of glass design options such as dimensions, thickness, shape and edge treatments.

Finally, your service professional will measure your furniture and produce custom glass tabletops with your requirements in mind. We produce a variety of glass solutions:

  • Dining tables and buffets
  • Coffee tables
  • Desks and meeting room tables
  • Nightstands and side tables
  • Antique furniture

Safety and Security Options for Your Custom Glass

When we customize your glass tabletops, we offer options for enhanced protection. Tinted glass reduces fading and damage by minimizing the influx of the sun's harmful UV rays. Tempered glass and laminated glass are prudent options for outdoor furniture or anywhere else where breakage may be an issue.

In the event of an impact, lamination holds broken glass shards in place to prevent damage and injury. Tempered glass resists breaking. If breakage occurs, the glass forms chunks which are less dangerous than pointy shards.

More About Custom Shelving

Custom glass shelves are a beautiful addition to any room in your home. They are sleek and contemporary. They offer a simple presentation option for your figurines, statuary, and other fine collectibles. Our glass specialists work with you to customize shelves that meet your organizational preferences and your design style.

We present options that allow you to select shelf dimensions, height, and spacing to match your specific needs. You choose from traditional or custom-cut glass size, shape, and thickness. We finish your shelf design with your choice of 14 custom edge treatments, such as bullnose, waterfall, and double bevel. You also have the option of color tints that coordinate with your decor.

Schedule a Consultation

At Glass Doctor of Evansville, our glass specialists are ready to create custom glass tabletops and custom glass shelving to meet your needs. Contact us today to schedule an in-home consultation!