Advance Measurement System for Commercial Glass in Evansville, IN

Being proactive means guarantees your business will function at its best. When you take into account potential scenarios, good or bad, you set your business up to succeed. It is essential to cover glass care in advance to ensure your business remains in good repair. The Glass Doctor® of Evansville Advance Measurement system will prepare your business for any glass emergency, so you business' prosperity is not threatened.

How the Advance Measurement System Works

Contact our team to put our Advance Measurement system in place. We’ll send a glass specialist to your business site to accurately survey and measure each pane in your facility. Once a diagram is created, a number will be given to each piece of glass. During the survey, our team will note any special glass types or codes. We’ll assess doors, windows, mirrors, display cases and other commercial glass fixture that are essential to your business. When a pane is damaged or broken, call Glass Doctor of Evansville to activate the plan. Upon reporting the damaged pane's corresponding number we’ll send a glass professional to you immediately to perform any necessary services.

Faster Emergency Repairs

Glass breaks around the clock, which is why it’s crucial to be prepared. With your proactive commercial glass care in place, you effectively reduce the time and cost of dealing with the situation. Using your diagram, contact us 24/7 with the number of the affected glass and we’ll determine the best course of action. If we have the correct pane on hand we’ll bring it to the job. If not, our specialists will perform an emergency board-up to secure your business, remove any debris and make an appointment to return and finish the job.

Expedited Glass Care Services

We offer various a la carte program to further expedite the process. If you want the swiftest service available:

  • Enroll in the In-Stock program: For glass that breaks frequently or that would seriously inhibit your business’ ability to operate, enroll in the In-Stock program. We will hold important panes for whenever you need them.
  • Pre-establish information: Make sure Glass Doctor of Evansville has your contact and credit information pre-established so you can focus on business while we take care of your glass needs.

Benefits of Advance Measurement

  • Savings: Reduce costs through expediency
  • Convenience: Fast service means less interruptions of daily business
  • Liability: Reduce risks to employees and customers
  • Security: Prevent further exposure

Never allow glass damage to shutter your business. Our team will support your business with our proactive commercial glass care program. Make an appointment for a consultation today!