Door Closer Repair Service in Evansville, IN

A poorly designed or maintained door closer will either cause your doors to slam shut every time they're opened, or to lag behind customers, letting outside air and debris into your building. Glass Doctor® of Evansville specialists will ensure your door closers work properly every time.

Door Closer Operation

Door closers are simple in their design. A person opens the door, and feels a bit of resistance as the door swings open. The resistance is caused by the weight of the door and a spring inside the door closer mechanism. Once the person opening the door lets go, the spring gently pulls the door back into the closed position.

Concerns About Door Closer Repair

Wrong Size

A common complaint during door closer repair is that the door shuts too violently or it closes to slowly. A violent impact during closing is the result of a door too light for the door closing mechanism. The spring inside pulls the light door with so much momentum as it closes, that the door to slams into the frame. When the door is too heavy for the spring, it will swing shut very slowly because the door closer cannot compensate for the weight of the door.

Bad Fit

If you wait too long for your door closer repair, the door may cause significant damage to the frame and lock plate for the door. This damage will prevent the door from locking, and may leave your door open when it fails to seal in the frame.

Regular Maintenance

The rubber seals around the door will dry out and crack over time, and it's a good idea to address them during a door closer repair. The Glass Doctor of Evansville team will inspect and replace door seals, check lubrication levels in the door closer, and replace any missing fluids as part of our regular maintenance package.

Door Closer Repair Cannot Wait

A malfunctioning door closer is a hazard for people coming in and out of your building, and will cause structural damage to your doors if you do not fix the problem right away. Our team of experts will service your door closers in a prompt and professional manner which protects your warranty and your property. While we perform our repair, we'll also inspect the other hardware on your door, such as hinges and frames, so you know you'll have a fully functioning door when we leave your site.

Contact our team at Glass Doctor of Evansville to learn more about door closer repair or to schedule an appointment.