Custom Mirrors in Evansville, IN

A custom mirror is a stylish way to add creative and functional touches to every room. Decorative hallway mirrors reflect natural light to brighten shadowy corners. A framed mirror in your entranceway offers a warm welcome to guests as they enter. At Glass Doctor of Evansville®, we believe that mirrors are the perfect accessory for pulling your home's designer look together. That's why our glass specialists offer a wide array of custom mirror options that are ideal for you.

Custom Mirrors Space Enrichment

Create the Illusion of Depth and Space

When placed in key locations, mirrors perform beautiful illusions that transform your home. Mirrors reflect adjacent objects and spaces. They give your rooms the illusion of depth and space that make them appear larger and less crowded. A mirrored hallway attracts natural light that brightens and adds depth to its narrow space. Custom mirrors in your home visually expand and brighten any space.

Showcase Your Art and Collectibles

A custom mirror arrangement improves your home art gallery by bathing your artwork in a reflection of natural light. We custom cut your mirrors to show off your style. When placed among your framed paintings and prints, they attract attention while reducing your reliance on artificial lighting. If collectibles are your passion, our custom mirrored shelves and display cases organize, and illuminate your cherished pieces. We custom cut your shelves to the dimensions that work best for you.

Capture Light

Custom mirrors are a natural way to brighten and enhance your surroundings with light. Mirrors reflect natural light into your darkest corners. You duplicate the light-capturing effort of a single mirror by adding wall-hung mirrors, mirrored doors, mirror-tiled walls, mirrored tabletops and a wide range of custom mirror decor. We personalize your mirrors with your choice of custom edges, mirror shapes, color tints and other decorative options.

Mirrors Transform Your Home

A custom mirror is a small change to your overall design scheme but the results are impressive. You may choose to start small with a single beveled edge, oval cut mirror. You may decide to go all-in with a fully mirrored wall. Whether you select one custom mirror or many, your design choice will enhance your existing decor and transform your home.

Schedule Your Consultation

At Glass Doctor of Evansville want to show you how custom mirrors beautify your home. We make the process easy. Simply visit our appointment Page to schedule an in-home consultation or call 812-618-2865 for more information.