Door Closer Repair Service

Don't lose out on your chance to make a great first impression. Rely on Glass Doctor® of Elko for professional door closer repair. Our specialists make sure a properly working and inviting door is there to greet each and every customer who enters your building. Whether you are tired of squeaky and hard to open entrances or you have more serious safety concerns, make us your first call. Our team will deliver enjoy superior service and craftsmanship.

The Convenience of Door Closers

Ideally, a door closer will allow the user to apply a reasonable amount of pressure to smoothly open the door. Heavy doors will require more force, but a properly working closer will offer easy operation and a gliding motion. Once the user stops applying pressure, a spring will gently close the door and snugly secure it in the frame well after the user has safely passed through the doorway. 

Door Closers Gone Wrong

In some cases, heavy doors are mistakenly equipped with an inadequate spring that simply isn't strong enough to handle heavy loads. While this may seem like a minor issue, it creates safety concerns for users and cause damage to the door and the frame.

Seal Repairs and Low Oil Levels

Correct lubrication and strong seals are essential to proper closer operation. If you notice an oil leak, it could be a sign of a mechanical failure, which our professionals easily remedy. Take advantage of our door closer repair services to ensure the perfect level of lubrication for optimal performance.

Improve Locking Capabilities

If a door isn't closing properly, it is most likely difficult to lock and secure, too. Avoid this unnecessary risk; sign up for regular door maintenance with Glass Doctor® of Elko.

Door Closer Maintenance Services

Most commercial doors come with a warranty, which partially covers the cost of repairs. However, you could void that warranty and end up paying out of pocket if you hire an untrained person to complete repairs. Luckily, the experts at Glass Doctor® of Elko have years of experience and are trained according to industry best practices; you enjoy fast and safe repairs completed by professionals.

Call today to speak with a friendly Glass Doctor® of Elko representative. Whether you have a door closer that is acting up or you need assistance with doorframes, hinges, thresholds and other hardware, our specialists are ready to help. Our experts will evaluate your door, discuss your options and provide you with an accurate quote that includes parts and labor.