Door Closer Repair Service

The repetitive opening and closing of your entry delivers a large amount of wear and tear on the door and its components, especially door closers. If the door closer malfunctions, it can have a negative impact on customers' perceptions of your business and customer satisfaction. Glass Doctor® of Charlotte, MI, works with all types of businesses and organizations to ensure your door closer operates efficiently and safely. Rely on our specialists, who have the skills and experience, to assist you with door closer repair or replacement. We offer a variety of business storefront services and promise to complete the work correctly the first time.

Door Closer Systems

Basic door closer technology consists of a compression or torsion ring that builds up kinetic energy as the door opens. When the person lets the door go, the energy discharges and returns the door to its frame. Door closers must operate in accordance with local building and fire codes, and national requirements also apply.

Door Closer Care and Maintenance

Commercial door systems require multiple types of maintenance and repair services, and in many cases, a new installation may be essential. Glass Doctor of Charlotte, MI, specialists have the experience necessary to install, maintain and repair your door closer properly, which helps reduce repair needs and door failure. We specialize in all types of door closer repair, including:

Faulty installation and adjustments: Our specialists have the tools and equipment to service and repair any problem with door closers, such as:

  • Damaged doorframes
  • Misaligned doors
  • Usual door movements

Glass Doctor of Charlotte, MI, experts employ the industry's best practices. If you experience problems with your door closer due to defective workmanship or other issues, rest assured that our team can remedy the problem, and you will experience the highest customer satisfaction.

Unreliable door closers: Commercial doors must have heavy-duty door closers designed with durable and strong springs intended to handle the weight of the door. Inadequate door closers may lead to significant problems, such as misalignment, damaged parts and a possible safety hazard.

Leaking liquids and broken seals: Worn and broken seals can create clearance gaps and oil leaks. Leaking door closers may signify mechanical problems, such as a missing screw, damaged seals or worn O-rings.

Malfunctioning locks: Broken locks compromise the security of your business.

The door closer repair specialists at Glass Doctor of Charlotte, MI, deliver quality service and stand ready to handle a wide variety of maintenance, repair and installation needs.

Door Closer Repair Services

Whether you are looking for door closer repair or new installation service, contact Glass Doctor of Charlotte, MI. We also provide glass repair, doorframe, hinge, threshold and mirror and glass services. You can expect the best customer service experience.