Advance Measurement System

The Advance Measurement system designed by Glass Doctor® of Charlotte, MI is a premier proactive glass care service that rewards conscientious business owners for anticipating likely glass breakage. By making glass repair part of your disaster recovery plan, you will be prepared if breakage occurs.

Advanced Measurement System

Our glass specialists take immediate action once you enroll in the Advance Measurement System. To ensure we know your needs, we'll conduct a thorough survey of your facility. Our glass experts carefully take detailed measurements of all your glass panes, including windows, glass door pans, storefront glass and any other type of glass products that may be impacted. Any special information about your glass is also recorded, such as information regarding custom details and safety glass code requirements.

Next, our glass specialists create a customized diagram of your business' glass needs. This includes numbers that match different windows with their specifications. You receive a copy of the diagram of your business. If you do experience glass breakage, simply call Glass Doctor of Charlotte, MI to trigger your proactive glass care service. Report the number on the diagram that corresponds with the pane that needs repair. Our glass specialists then match this information with the in-stock options. If we have a pane that matches your specifications, our specialists will replace the glass in one visit without the need to board up the window and return another day for a new installation.

In-Stock Options

Another proactive glass care service we offer is our In-Stock options service. This program works in tandem with our Advance Measurement program to ensure you always have glass panes reserved for your business. We will pre-order glass that experiences frequent breakage. Simply call our team when you need glass care and we will already have the glass ready to go.

The Value of Proactive Glass Care

You will experience many benefits when you enroll in our proactive glass care services, including:

  • Time-savings: The ability to replace glass in one trip will ensure your operations don't suffer because of unanticipated breakage. When you enroll in our proactive glass care programs, you pre-establish credit and contact information, saving you time if disaster later strikes.
  • Convenience: Our mobile units are available 24/7 to assist with emergency glass care services. We respond to calls anytime, day or night.
  • Security: Quickly re-establish the security of your business with one trip and avoid potential liability pitfalls.
  • Savings: Save money by having everything completed in one trip instead of scheduling a second appointment.

Protect your business from foreseeable disaster. Schedule an Advance Measurement inspection today.