Custom Mirrors

A custom mirror gives you an easy way to add elegant, contemporary decor throughout your home. Whether you place them in a dim hallway or a high-traffic room, mirrors add interesting decorative touches that brighten each space with natural light. At Glass Doctor® of Charlotte, MI, our specialists offer a wide range of custom mirror options. We rely on your valuable input to create mirrors that are compatible with your style and perfect for your home.

Custom Made Mirrors

Adding custom mirrors to your home delivers remarkable results. Mirrors have the ability to enlarge spaces and brighten rooms. Consult with our team to discover the best mirror for your design goals.

Create Depth and the Illusion of Space

Mirrors create a fascinating, eye-catching distraction and a visual transformation. A custom mirror placed in a key location creates an open, inviting look. Mirrors reflect surfaces in your tiny bathrooms and narrow hallways. They add an illusion of depth, and they visually expand your rooms by reflecting and duplicating the surrounding decor.

  • Living room: Create a focal point
  • Foyer: Welcome guests
  • Kitchen: Brighten your workspaces

Accentuate Your Home Decor and Art

Our glass specialists create custom mirror designs to highlight and display your unique collectibles. We custom cut mirrors to your size and specifications. We create mirrored wall arrangements that illuminate your artwork and cherished collectibles. For unique display alternatives, we create mirrored shelves, display cases, and frames that are compatible with your existing decor.

Enhance Your Home's Natural Light

Mirrors brighten your surroundings by capturing and releasing natural and artificial light. This quality is invaluable in hallways, bathrooms, and other windowless spaces in your home. Our specialists accomplish this task with custom wall-hung mirrors, mirrored doors, mirror-tiled walls, and tabletops. We create custom mirrored decor that reflects natural illumination and minimizes your reliance on harsh artificial light sources.

Mirrors Made to Impress

Mirrors give you the power to create dramatic effects with minimal effort. Our team works with you to design mirrors that enhance your home decor with the style you prefer. You control the design process by selecting the shape, tint, edge treatment, or other design options that convey the look you want. You decide whether to use a single elegant mirror or create an impressive mirrored arrangement.

Schedule Your Consultation

At Glass Doctor of Charlotte, MI, we begin the custom mirror design process in your home. We'll help you visualize the results as you decide the mirrored decor that's right for you. Schedule a free consultation by visiting our appointment page or call us at 888-516-8133 for more information.