Door Closer Repair Service

A door that is faulty, hard to use or worn will put customers off and damage your reputation. Glass Doctor® of Buchanan, MI provide maintenance and door closer repair services to ensure that your doors are safe and offer a brilliant welcome to your customers.

How Door Closers Work

When working correctly, a manual door closer will easily open a door and automatically return it to the closed position once someone has come through the entrance. This makes it easier for customers to come and go, and helps prevent gusts of wind from entering your premises.

Common Door Closer Problems

Incorrect Door Closer Fitted

The strength of the spring inside the door closer should correspond to the weight of the door. The wrong size spring will damage your closer, door or the frame.

Incorrectly Installed Door Closers

If the door closer is installed correctly it still might not perform as designed if it isn't adjusted for your door. A specialist from Glass Doctor of Buchanan, MI will check your door closers are fitted properly and adjust them if they have become misaligned. Regular maintenance inspections prevent unexpected door movements and doorframe damage.

Oil Leaks and Seal Repairs

A broken seal will allow lubricant to leak out and leaves your door closer vulnerable to further damage. If you’ve noticed an oil leak it is likely that you have an internal mechanical problem, so our specialist will need to check for seal damage, a broken O-ring or a missing screw. Left unchecked, the lack of lubrication will hamper the function of your door closer, causing it to close and open too quickly.

Door Locking Problems

Aside from allowing your customers access, your door is important for building security when you’re closed, unless there is a problem with the locking mechanism. Arrange a visit from an expert at Glass Doctor of Buchanan, MI to ensure your business’ security is tight.

Door Closer Repair and Maintenance Services

An untrained individual attempting repair on your door closer could void your warranty and cause further damage. For a professional approach, contact the highly trained specialists at Glass Doctor of Buchanan, MI who expertly install, repair and maintain your door closers.