Door Closer Repair Service in Aberdeen, WA

A smooth and welcoming entrance to any business is the foundation for successful customer relations. Call on Glass Doctor® of Aberdeen for the reliable, friendly service in door closer repair and maintenance. Our services offer your company the assurance of safe and properly functioning doors throughout your business.

How Door Closers Operate

Self-closing doors are both a convenience and a courtesy to customers. Doors with manual door closers offer slight resistance when opened, but just enough to compress the spring in the closer mechanism. The weight of the door and the tightened spring work in conjunction to cause the door to close effortlessly once the pressure is removed by moving the closer mechanism arm. This action works smoothly and gently to ensure that the door returns to its frame and prevents unnecessary slamming and damage.

Door Closer Repair

It’s important to be certain that your doors are equipped with the proper door closers depending on the door weight and application. Heavy doors must be supported by door closer mechanisms with sturdy springs to prevent damage to the door, its frame and the closer. Our experts use only high quality materials and install closers suited to each of your commercial doors.

Poorly Installed or Adjusted Door Closers

Trust Glass Doctor of Aberdeen with the care and maintenance of your doors and door closers for optimal operation and longevity with lower incidence of repair or replacement. Allow our experts to evaluate the doors in your business to determine and install the exact door closers required to prevent misalignment between the door and frame which potentially causes damage and abnormal movement of the door.

Seal Repairs and Low Oil

Lubricant leaks are often the result of broken seals. These leaks result in improper door movement and, in some cases, damage or injury. Our specialists are trained to identify and repair any mechanical problems associated with low oil level in the door closer mechanism such as missing screws, damaged seals and worn or broken O-Rings.

Difficulty in Locking Doors

When your entrance is hard to lock, there may be an underlying problem with the alignment of the door and frame. Misalignment causes strain on the frame and closer mechanism. Allow our team of specialists to inspect your doors for such issues and repair them for maximum efficiency and security.

Door Closer Maintenance Service

Protect the integrity of your warranty by always trusting Glass Doctor of Aberdeen for repair and maintenance calls. Trained to industry standards, our experts understand all aspects of door closer installation and repair. Ask about our door closer repair and maintenance program, which provides your company with the assurance of safe, functioning doors and the peace of mind that comes with our satisfaction guarantee. We also offer a complete range of custom glass solutions for every aspect of your business. Call us today or click to schedule your consultation.