Advance Measurement System for Commercial Glass in Aberdeen, WA

Proactive glass care is essential to maintaining your home's integrity. Broken windows and glass doors must be repaired immediately to save money, the environment and the interior of the building, but instant repairs are often hard to make for ornate or specialized glass. Glass Doctor® of Aberdeen is committed to solving this problem. As part of our Advance Measurement program, we will send specialists to your business to measure your panes and record their materials. This allows us to repair all damages as soon as they occur.

Quick, Quality Repairs

When you sign up for our Advance Measurement program, we'll make a diagram of every window in your home. When a window breaks, all you'll have to do is tell us which window it was and we will immediately find it on the diagram and obtain the necessary glass. We will then travel to your house and install the new window in a single visit. This allows you to avoid boarding up the window while we figure out which panes you need. Joining our Advance Measurement program also allows you to register your contact and credit information ahead of time, speeding up the payment process.

Stock Selections

Proactive glass care is particularly important if you have windows that break frequently and/or are made from unusual materials. When you join the Advance Measurement program, we pre-order the right type of glass in whatever quantity we need for your home, allowing us to fix your windows instantly regardless of the extent of the damage.

The Prudence of Proactive Glass Care

Signing up for our Advance Measurement program will help you to save:

  • Money: Because we can fix your glass in a single trip, the appointment is completed in less time, which reduces your bill.
  • Time: The program lets us fix your windows with minimal delays or interruptions.
  • Health: The sooner we fix your windows the less likely you are to be injured by broken glass or other dangers.
  • Security: Quick window restoration protects you, your family, and your belongings from thieves and vandals.
  • Appearances: Business owners often find boarded-up windows ugly and problematic for building appeal. Signing up for the Advance Measurement program makes them unnecessary.
  • Credit Records: We reduce the chance that you will have credit or billing problems by registering your payment information ahead of time.

Don't let disaster catch you off-guard. Sign up for Advance Measurement today!