Custom Mirrors in Aberdeen, WA

Custom mirrors allow you to see your home in a whole new light. The right glass decor has the ability to change any room in home, redirecting the light and creating the illusion of space to make your home more comfortable and aesthetically pleasing to your family and guests. 

The specialists at Glass Doctor® of Aberdeen have the years of experience necessary to help our customers throughout the Aberdeen, Olympia and Yelm areas choose the right custom glass solutions to complement any living space. If your home needs top quality mirrors and glass decor, our team of experts can custom design and install virtually any mirror, and will provide the expertise to help you choose the perfect custom glass solutions for your space.

Enhance Depth and Space with Mirrors

By strategically placing mirrors, you will make your home more open and inviting, even if you live in a relatively small space. Mirrors reflect the ceiling, walls and natural light from windows, and have the power to transform a hallway, entryway or entire room into a large, beautiful space. Tiled and framed mirrors from Glass Doctor of Aberdeen emphasize the contours and architecture in your home, and our specialists will customize any mirror to suit your needs. Options include: 

  • Mirrored Walls: Make a narrow hallway or cramped foyer appear much more spacious.
  • Mirrored Backsplashes: Create a sense of depth in a kitchen.
  • Statement Mirrors: Emphasize the importance of a room, especially when placed above a fireplace or headboard.

Accentuate Your Home Decor with Mirrors

Custom mirrors from Glass Doctor of Aberdeen look great on their own, but they can also be used to highlight your home's existing art and decor. Select from a diverse assortment of frames, finishes, tints and edge details to suit the style and design of your home. Decorative mirror solutions include:

  • Mirrored Shelves: Allow you to see sculptures, art pieces, antiques or collectibles in a new way, with a 360-degree panoramic view.
  • Hanging Mirrors: Direct the natural light when hung in just the right place to emphasize the space containing your favorite artwork.
  • Framed Mirrors: Add a stylish splash of light to walls containing framed art and photos to transform a room into your own private gallery.

Enhance Natural Light with Mirrors

With custom mirrors, you can eliminate dark spaces and distribute both natural and artificial light throughout your home in a pleasing way. In areas of the home with few windows and limited natural light, placing just a few mirrors in the right spots makes the area feel warmer and more inviting. Be sure to ask the specialists at Glass Doctor of Aberdeen about these mirror options: 

  • Bedroom mirrors: Reflect the natural light from windows as well as artificial light from lamps to transform your bedroom into a well-lit space.
  • Mounted mirrors: Maximize the illumination of desk lamps, mounted lanterns and other light sources in any room.

Add Style and Elegance with Mirrors

The top to bottom perspective offered by a full-length mirror is ideal for bedrooms, entryways and closets. They enhance the space while giving you an easy way to check your appearance before heading out the door. The Glass Doctor of Aberdeen specialists will design and cut full-length custom mirrors, including:

  • Framed mirrors: Provide a sense of intrigue and sophistication in any room or hallway with the frame of your choosing.
  • Floor-to-ceiling mirrors: Make it easy to try on attire before leaving the house or install the mirrors in a home-gym to ensure your form.

Contact Glass Doctor of Aberdeen online or by phone for a consultation to learn more about the benefits of custom mirrors. Our specialists will provide expert advice on how you can enhance your home.