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Mahoning Valley

Glass Tabletops & Custom Shelving

Revitalize and renovate your home with beautiful custom decor made by expert glass craftsman. The Glass Doctor® of Mahoning Valley team will tailor glass tabletops and shelves to suit your spaces. Glass withstands decades of use and is easy to clean, making it an ideal decor piece.

Create Your Custom Tabletop

Our seasoned team of specialists will measure, cut and replace tabletop glass to suit your unique needs. Before work begins, we will meet with you to go over your design desires and needs. During your consultation, our team will offer helpful insights on how to best incorporate custom tabletops into your home or business. We will discuss options like glass thickness, edgework, tinting and potential safety hazards with heavy glass.

Custom glass tabletops are an excellent for many applications, such as:

  • Antique surfaces
  • Writing desks
  • Dining room tables
  • Conference room tables
  • Coffee tables
  • Nightstands

Glass Doctor of Mahoning Valley will cut your custom glass tabletop into virtually any size or shape you need. Finished edges and other accents are easily added to match your artistic taste. Discuss options with our specialists to find the right glass tabletop for you.

Custom Shelving

Graphic of different glass edges

Combine form and function with custom glass shelves at your home or business. Adding these pieces to your space will reduce clutter and create an entirely new indoor environment. Store-bought shelves don't offer the variety nor scale of custom created pieces. When you work with the Glass Doctor of Mahoning Valley team you create your own custom shelf configuration.

Before beginning your project our team will meet with you to discuss every aspect of the shelf.

  • Style and design: For create a more creative environment
  • The number of shelves and distance between them: Avoid having too many shelves and not enough items to place in them.
  • Glass tinting and color: Use the glass that speaks to you.
  • Height and configuration: To alleviate issues with wasted negative space.

Keep Your Glass Protected

We have a variety of glass available to make your new fixture. We recommend safety glass for outdoor pieces. Perfect for poolside tables or patio furniture, specialty safety glass is offered in both laminated and tempered options. Keep pets and young ones safe from broken glass. This glass is also great for shower doors. We can incorporate this glass indoors, too.

Our Expertise is Your Asset

Create the home environment you've always wanted with custom tabletops, shelves, mirrors and other inspiring home decor solutions. For top-industry advice, contact Glass Doctor of Mahoning Valley and schedule your free in-home consultation today. Call our team or fill out a quick service request online to schedule your free in-home consultation today.