How To Avoid Allergens From Invading Your Home...

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As pleasant spring weather envelopes Canada, many allergy sufferers are left with the not-so-pleasant effects of pollen and mould growth. While many retreat to their home, hoping to avoid the worst of the season, those with substandard windows are not protected from outdoor aggravations.

Reduce Allergy Effects with Double Pane Windows

Medical experts suggest keeping windows closed to avoid harmful allergens. They also suggest investing in double pane windows. Glass Doctor® of Oxford County will install functional and attractive insulated glass units (IGUs) which will keep your allergies at bay. These types of windows are proven to keep out pollen and reduce mould growth.

Halt Mould Growth

Single pane windows allow condensation to form on the interior of the glass, which promotes dangerous mould growth. Double pane windows keep this mould growth from happening. The nature of double pane windows does not allow for condensation to form on the interior pane. This reduction in mould significantly improves the condition of allergy sufferers.

Block Pollen

Pollen is dreaded by spring allergy sufferers. Closing your windows is the obvious solution, but this isn't much help if the unit is not properly sealed. A damaged seal lets outdoor air in, bringing pollen with it. The specialists at Glass Doctor of Oxford County will reseal your windows to keep you safe from irritating pollen.

Opt for a Quality Double Pane Window

Even if your home is already equipped with a double pane window, the units might not be blocking mould and pollen if they are aged or broken. If you notice any condensation on the interior of the pane or feel air entering through a closed window, contact our team. We will secure or replace your windows so you can breathe easier. Glass Doctor of Oxford County wants you to benefit from quality glass care. Our team will provide a free consultation and partner with you to find the best glass solutions for your taste and lifestyle.