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Pane Improvements on a Large Scale

Window features and their benefits don’t tend to be the first thing businesses think of when making improvements on large scale. It does, however, tend to be something that people visiting those businesses think about. When equipped with the right attributes, windows provide the ability to give comfort, security and efficiency. One optimal way to do that is with a window tint.

Window Tinting for Hotels

A Samsung social media analysis and a Gallup poll both extracted the same information when talking with guests: hotel customers want comfort, views and luxury features during their stay. One way to achieve that reality is to add a window tint to hotel windows. A window tint works on multiple levels. It can be decorative, adding a unique look to your overall design, and help shield from UV rays and the powerful energy of the sun, keeping the room cooler even when the temperatures are rising outside. It reduces glare as well, letting guests to enjoy the view without squinting or dealing with harsh light.

Window Tinting for Hospitals

Hospitals stays are typically uncomfortable to begin with; even without the added stress certain types of windows could add. Recovery is easier when a patient receives ample rest, which is possible when they’re comfortable. Adding a window tint to hospital windows serves an excellent purpose. By reducing glares and temperature fluctuations, you’re giving patients the ability to heal faster.

The Benefits of a Tinting Windows

Glass Doctor® of Oxford Co helps local businesses with glass and window projects of all sizes, including large scale. If your hospital or hotel is considering window tinting, there are several benefits to think about. A window tint:

  • Adds energy efficiency to your building: Save on heating and cooling costs with window tints. By shielding harmful UV rays and reducing glare, you’re also filtering the power of the sun. This helps keep temperatures more even, so your heating/cooling system isn’t working overtime.
  • Adds a layer of security for building occupants: A window tint is a film that holds breakage together if an accident occurs. This can prevent sharp shards from becoming a hazard.
  • Protects furnishings: Your furnishings are safer from fading with a window tint. The filtered UV rays that cause heat can also affect flooring, fabrics and other materials over time. A window tint slows that process markedly.

Quality Glass Care

No matter the size of your project or business, Glass Doctor of Oxford Co will bring the benefits of window tints to you. Contact us today to add the window features people are looking for.