Home Window Care During Winter

Your home provides an escape from harsh winter weather. Home is where you shake the icy chill from your fingers and toes and get comfortable and warm. Unfortunately, unless you prepare your home for winter by insulating it against temperature extremes, icy breezes follow you indoors. Cold air seeps through poorly sealed and inadequately insulated windows. It settles into your rooms and steals your heat. When an uninvited chill enters your home, it makes your climate control systems work harder. You consume more home heating fuel and that costs you money.

Prepare Your Home for Winter

At Glass Doctor® of Oxford County, we provide quality products and professional services to keep you warm and cozy this winter. Our glass specialists offer these recommendations for keeping frosty temperatures outside where they belong.

Make sure windows are sealed properly

You probably don’t think about your window seals, but you should. Whether you have single or double pane windows your seals provide a barrier that keeps cold winter air from slipping into your home and warm air from escaping. Before drafts become a problem in your home, it’s important to think about your seals and inspect them for wear and tear. If they are visibly worn, call Glass Doctor of Oxford County for effective, economical repair options. If you prefer a complete window upgrade, we offer energy efficient and specialty replacement windows.

Install double pane windows

Double pane windows are Insulated Glass Units, which are designed to provide years of increased home energy efficiency. IGUs are constructed using two or more panes of glass. The panes are divided by a desiccant-filled spacer for condensation control and secured with a high-quality sealant. For enhanced energy efficiency, some manufacturers incorporate warm-edge technology or inject argon or krypton gas between panes. Our consultants visit your home to discuss the costs and benefits of an IGU upgrade.

Repair and maintain your double pane windows

As double and triple pane windows age, they require professional maintenance and window glass repair to keep them functioning efficiently. Seals wear, deteriorate, or crack due to age and extreme temperatures. Double panes appear foggy from condensation build-up. Reduced insulation ability causes an increase in energy consumption as your climate systems work harder to maintain comfort. Our glass specialists offer IGU repair and replacement options to maintain your home’s insulation ability.

Repair vs replacing your windows

When it’s time to winterize your home, the price is often an inescapable consideration. While double pane windows offer important insulation and energy-saving benefits, we believe it’s important to offer a range of economical options. We inspect your windows and restore them with cost-saving window glass repair. When you prefer the dynamic insulation benefits of IGU windows, if possible we install IGU panes into your existing window frames.

In-Home Consultation

Let Glass Doctor of Oxford County guide you through the process of preparing your home for winter. Our consultants present economical window glass repair options. Call today to schedule your free consultation!