Reasons to Purchase an Old Home

There are many benefits of buying an older home. According to a recent Esurance article, people love buying historic properties for their unique design, and the fact that their investment potential is often greater than new construction. The specialists at Glass Doctor® of Oxford County understand the advantages and drawbacks of purchasing an older home. We provide professional services and double pane windows that lower your cost of ownership while maintaining the original structure’s beauty and style.

An Exclusive Piece of History

Older homes are attractive to buyers because they offer a very personalized dwelling. The aesthetic appeal, durable architecture and interior amenities simply aren’t available in many modern homes. With an older home, your living spaces often feature distinctive accents and a plethora of hardwood components that convey a sense of historical stability and continuity, which is attractive to homebuyers.

Reasons to purchase an old home:

  • The construction and foundation is sound
  • Older homes are typically located in desirable areas near shopping, restaurants, and workplaces
  • In general, the landscaping is well-developed, featuring mature trees and flowering shrubs
  • They rarely include yearly home owner’s association fees

Solving Potential Drawbacks

Unfortunately, those older designs and materials also create energy-efficiency drawbacks. An article by recommends that you consider any potential restrictions on the property before you buy. Although these type of controls usually concentrate on alterations to the exterior, they often make it difficult to perform essential cost-saving upgrades.

However, working with a glass expert will solve that dilemma. Older homes benefit from window upgrades that reduce energy use and improve insulation. Options include:

  • Double Pane Windows: Installing Insulated Glass Units (IGUs) as replacement windows in older homes lowers your potential energy costs by increasing insulation factors. The air-or gas-filled space in double pane windows creates an effective barrier, preventing heat and cold temperature transference.
  • Low-Emissivity (Low-E) Glass: This type of specialized glass allows you to upgrade your historic home without violating any restrictions. The customized panes are fitted to your existing window structure but are specially fabricated to block ultraviolet (UV) rays. A historic window with low-E glad has been shown to perform just as well as a replacement window and reduces the amount of heat lost through the window.

Improving the energy-efficiency of your older home is easy with innovative double pane windows and upgrades that maintain the original design. To arrange for your free home consultation, contact Glass Doctor of Oxford County today.