Childproof Your Home for Summer

Summer is here, and with it the bustle of family and warm-weather activities. Before school ends and vacation begins is the perfect time to childproof your home. Preparing your house ahead of time keeps you on top of the mess and helps you prevent accidents from happening. Glass Doctor® of Oxford County is your local source for glass services and safety features. Whether you want to protect the kids and furniture from hazardous incidents or prevent glass from gathering buildup and germs, our team of glass experts can get your house ready for the summertime action.

Put a Stop to Dangerous Breakage

In 2009, the Harvard Gazette called for new safety standards for glass tables. Indoor and outdoor furniture featuring glass tops have become an increasing source of severe injuries. Glass Doctor of Oxford County can easily childproof your existing furniture by replacing the glass with tempered glass, also known as safety glass. According to the article, tempered glass can “significantly reduce the more than 20,000 serious injuries incurred each year from the use of common annealed glass in furniture.” Tempered glass is created by a process that heats then rapidly cools the glass to produce tensile stresses. The stresses give the glass 5 to 10 times more strength than it originally had. It also allows it to break into small, safer chunks by releasing the “energy” produced during tempered glass production process.

Tempered glass can be used for:

  • Coffee tables
  • Glass dining tables
  • Glass shelving
  • Glass TV stand
  • For outdoor furniture
  • Patio doors

Block Germs and Prevent Mildew

Germs run rampant throughout the summer, and mildew is easily formed with humidity and hot temperatures. Glass Doctor of Oxford County offers Clear Choice™ glass protectant. A coat of Clear Choice has the ability to simplify cleaning while blocking stains, soap scum, mildew and other environmental pollutants. A Clear Choice glass treatment works on many of your home’s surfaces, including glass, granite, porcelain and tile.

Have Fun when the Work is Done

Summer is a time to play and be active. One you’ve childproofed your home, look into ways to engage as a family. Some seasonal classics are backyard movies, cookouts and campouts, a sprinkler or pool party or a good old-fashioned game of hide and seek.

No matter how you choose to spend your summer, our glass specialists at Glass Doctor of Oxford County are here to help keep you and your family safe so you can have a great vacation. Give us a call or fill out an online request form today!