Auto Glass Safety and You

Whether you drive long distances every day or make only quick trips to the grocery store, it's important to keep your car road-worthy and safe. Vehicle safety is a serious responsibility. You inflate your tires to recommended levels. You make sure your seat belts and airbags operate properly. You fix mechanical problems and fill your gas tank so you won’t get stranded on a lonely road. Auto glass care is also a critical part of your car's safety routine. It keeps your car safe for you and your passengers.


Your windshield plays an important role in your overall safety on the road. You probably don’t think about that until your windshield is damaged by an accident or a road hazard. Your windshield allows you a clear view of the road ahead. It’s a crucial part of the structural support system that protects you and your passengers in the event of an auto accident. When your windshield is properly installed and well-maintained with appropriate auto glass care, you can take it for granted that it will function the way it should and enhance your safety.

Windshields are manufactured with laminated glass, a product created with your safety in mind. It's assembled with a layer of polyvinyl butyral between two pieces of glass. This “glass sandwich” is fused together using high heat and pressure. When an object from the road strikes your windshield, PVB keeps it from penetrating all three layers. It also prevents injuries by holding glass shards in place.

Side & Rear Windows

For your added safety, vehicle manufacturers install tempered glass in side and rear windows. Tempered glass is heat-strengthened at high temperatures then cooled immediately. This process makes it five times stronger than untreated glass. If a severe impact shatters tempered glass, it breaks into small chunks instead of dangerous shards that can injure your passengers and damage your car interior.

Auto Glass Enhances Your Safety

Laminated windshields and tempered side and rear panels are two examples of how the auto industry uses glass to keep you safe. Sunroofs, vents, side mirrors, and rear-view mirrors also rely on modern glass applications for safety. Proper auto glass care maintains these safety features so they continue to protect you and your passengers.