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A shower curtain simply cannot deliver the same luxury appeal as a beautiful glass shower or tub enclosure. Upgrading your bathroom's design will increase the aesthetic appeal of your home and make you more comfortable. Creating a better, more modern bathroom is one of the fastest ways to increase the resale value of your abode. As you can imagine, not all glass shower enclosures are the same; in order to maximize your bathroom's space and style, you must choose an enclosure that suits the space. Whether you need a framed shower door, elaborate custom glass enclosures or a marriage of the two, Glass Doctor® of The Woodlands has what you're looking for. Our team of glass design experts will help you along the way by optimizing your:

  • Design concept
  • Budget
  • Installation
  • Maintenance

Before we begin, however, the Glass Doctor of The Woodlands glass specialists will take into consideration the following factors:

  • Configuration: In order to ensure a structurally sound fit, we determine the maximum weight of glass your bathroom's walls can support and where the enclosures should be installed. The two main factors that influence this is the location of your supporting studs and the material of which your walls are composed.
  • Shower heads: You don't want your shower head spraying water all over your bathroom. If you choose the wrong shower head for your enclosure, this is exactly what will happen every time you open the door while the water is on. Our glass experts know which shower heads work best to prevent this from happening.
  • Measurements and layout: Poor measurements or assumptions can cause significant delays in the installation process and increase costs for materials. Before you consider designs, invite our glass experts to measure your bathroom to ensure you get the most accurate numbers.
  • Ventilation: Your bathroom is an area in which steam, condensation and other forms of water buildup occur regularly. Without prope ventilation, the moisture will cause your paint to peel, tiles to fall off and grow mold and fungus. An improperly installed glass shower door or tub enclosure can cause these problems in a normally functioning bathroom by blocking the ventilation. Our team of experts will perform a ventilation inspection to prevent this from happening. We also offer steam room kit upgrades for tiled enclosures to increase ventilation.

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After we have gotten all of the technical elements out of the way, use the Glass Doctor of The Woodlands Shower Idea Center to help you build a shower design. Checkout all of our resources:

Glass Doctor of The Woodlands is ready to update and outfit your bathroom with a luxurious shower enclosure. Take the first step and call us or schedule an appointment online!