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Glass Tabletops & Custom Shelving

Making the ultimate statement with custom decor is within your reach when Glass Doctor® of The Woodlands is on your side. Custom glass tabletops look striking in any space and, unlike traditional tabletops, withstand heat and spills. Add glass over an existing tabletop to give it extra protection. Alternatively, design a made-to-measure glass pane to use as tabletop to create a high-end piece that gives any room an open feeling. The custom glass services at Glass Doctor of The Woodlands include design services from a glass expert who will ensure the tabletop meets your exact needs.

Custom Glass Tabletops for Montgomery County Homes

Graphic of different glass edges

When you're interested in designing a custom glass tabletop, get in touch with Glass Doctor of The Woodlands to schedule a complimentary in-home consultation. A glass specialist will show you the array of custom option available and will record the exact dimensions of the custom piece. You will also learn about the best types of glass to use for your tabletop. If you want a glass top for a patio table, the specialist may recommend using laminated or tempered glass. Use glass on existing pieces, a new table or items that you want to turn into a table. Add a glass to pieces such as:

  • Dining tables
  • Coffee tables
  • End tables
  • Nightstands

Part of the design process includes choosing the finishing touches for your custom piece. Glass Doctor of The Woodlands offers a variety of customization options that you won't find at retailers to make your table truly unique. Our glass experts can cut tabletops into almost any shape and will add your favorite edge profile. Give your tabletop added flair with a tint or pattern.

Glass Shelves

Harmonize custom glass tabletops with custom glass shelves. The shelves from Glass Doctor of The Woodlands give you a sophisticated, versatile storage space without the bulkiness of bookcases or traditional shelves. Glass shelves in a kitchen, for example, provide a wonderful way to display a collection of plates or teacups. Corner shelves in the shower allow you to get rid of inefficient storage caddies and baskets, instantly upgrading the space. Like custom glass tabletops, you can personalize glass shelves with your favorite edge profile, tint and other bespoke touches.

When designing glass shelves, an expert from Glass Doctor of The Woodlands will facilitate determining the best glass shape and spacing arrangement for your storage needs. The beauty of custom glass tabletops and shelves is that they match all decorative styles and never go out of fashion. Owning custom furniture doesn't have to be a dream. Get in touch with Glass Doctor of The Woodlands today to start designing on the bespoke pieces that you deserve.