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Door Closer Repair Service

Slamming doors are more than just a nuisance; the noise puts customers on edge and makes your business feel uninviting. Glass Doctor® offers door closer repair services that keep your door closers in proper working order.

Door Closer Operation

A door closer assists customers with opening and closing the doors into your business. When a customer opens the door, the closer responds with a small amount of resistance. The resistance indicates the weight of the door, and how hard the customer must push to enter. Once the customer is inside, the door closer’s spring steadily guides the door back into the doorframe.

Repair Closer Repair Service

The interior of a door closer includes several moving parts. The door arm moves the door back and forth into position, while the spring controls the speed of the movement. A minor problem with any of the parts may lead to serious problems for the door closer. Fortunately, our team at Glass Doctor of The Woodlands provides service to keep all of those parts functioning.


The most common problem we encounter is an incorrect installation. If the installed closer was designed for a heavier door, the closer swings shut slower than it should; when the door is lighter, the door may slam shut and damage the frame.


As a door is opened and closed, the tension in the spring begins to loosen. Over time, it will loosen enough that the door closes faster than it should. Our team inspects the door closer and makes the correct adjustment to return the mechanism to its intended tension.


When a door closer becomes misaligned, it creates numerous problems. The door will strike the frame instead of closing, and it may move out of position far enough that the door will not lock properly. Our specialists will reseat the door so that it swings smoothly and into the correct position.


Our door closer repair service seeks to extend the life of your door closers through preventive maintenance. Our lubrication service inspects all of the seals and oil levels in the door closer mechanism, and replaces any damaged parts. We will also refill any lubrication that may have leaked due to a missing part.

Experience Matters

Door closers are delicate mechanisms, and require an expert hand for door closer repair. Our team at Glass Doctor of The Woodlands has both the experience and the training to complete your repairs, without the risk of voiding your warranty contract. We are a full service shop, offering repairs for closers, doorframes, glass, and other hardware issues. Contact us today to schedule door closer repair, and eliminate your door related problems.