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Clear Choice Protectant

Maintaining the appearance and safety of your home is important. Clean surfaces not only keep your family healthy, they increase the lifespan of your indoor and outdoor furnishings. Glass Doctor® of The Woodlands provides glass treatment services designed to extend the beauty and increase the protection of your interior and exterior surfaces.

Clear Choice™ Protectant

Our glass professionals conduct glass treatment applications using Clear Choice protectant. Designed for use on silica-based products, such as glass, granite, porcelain and marble, the treatment creates a sturdy, clear barrier that protects surfaces for up to five years.

The innovative application prevents porous materials from absorbing liquids or harboring bacterial growth. Moreover, it offers added protection by improving surface resistance to damage, deterring unsightly scratches, dings or chips.

Indoor Uses and Benefits

Clear Choice glass treatment is perfect for a variety of indoor surfaces. Each room in your home has items that benefit from an application. Consider these uses:

Bathroom: Your sinks, countertops, and tile surfaces stay sparkling clean and retain their original beauty longer with our glass treatment. Clear Choice builds a solid barrier that prevents oil-based make-up, mineral deposits from hard water, and other liquids from generating unsightly stains. Plus, when applied to shower door and tub enclosures, mildew formations and bacteria growth is reduced. You spend less time cleaning while your bathroom stays sanitary, longer.

Kitchen: The granite countertops, porcelain backsplashes, and expensive tile flooring in your kitchen creates a warm, welcoming atmosphere. Keep them looking great with our glass treatment service that guards against acidic etching, grease stains, and similar damages.

Living and working areas: Use Clear Choice protectant on glass shelves, cabinet doors, decorative mirrors and glass tabletops. Our treatment delivers a crystal clear, glossy surface that resists dust accumulation and dirt build-up, while strengthening impact resistance.

Outdoor Advantages and Applications

Our experts apply glass treatments to outdoor patio furniture and pool-side accessories, as well as windows and door glass. By augmenting the surface resistance of your glass, tile and granite, you're able to enhance the longevity of your investments by maintaining their original condition.

Clear Choice also protects your auto glass in the same fashion, guarding your windshields and windows from environmental pollutants, weather related debris, and normal road hazards. It also creates a barrier that improves driver visibility during poor weather conditions. To learn more about our glass treatment and care service options, contact Glass Doctor of The Woodlands to arrange for your free in-home consultation today.